Why You Should Abandon Paper I-9s ASAP

Why You Should Abandon Paper I-9s ASAP

By Jennifer Gladstone

Paper-I9A few days ago we received an alert that the Colorado Affirmation form had been updated, and all employers dealing with that state needed to make sure they were using the new form as of October 1. I checked with our compliance department to see what this important change was so I could get the message out to our readers ASAPYou could be audited or even  fined if you miss this change.

Are you ready for the big change?  Where the old form read “in a year” the new form now states “in a calendar year.”  That’s it.  So, why the special notice and the specific starting date for the new form?  What happens if you didn’t get the message and filled out an old form?  You could be setting yourself up for an audit or maybe even a fine.

It seems like a lot of work and worry over a single word, but it definitely illustrates why you might want to consider abandoning your paper I-9s.  With an electronic Form I-9 system that is integrated with E-Verify, small changes like this one are automatically fixed for you.

Other advantages of doing your I-9 forms electronically include:

  • More efficient

  • Fewer Mistakes 

  • Uniformity

  • Easy Document Retrieval

  • Lower Risk of Identity Fraud

  • No Storage Costs

  • Automatic Disposal when retention period expires

But remember, none of this will do you any good if you don’t have the proper support in-house.  That includes proper I-9 and E-Verify training for your administrator, as well as the implementation of internal reviews and self-audits.

More and more states are enacting laws regarding employment authorization, so it is very likely that more of these state-specific employment forms will become more common. 

For more information about the Colorado Affirmation form you can click here. 



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