Why You Need an Integration Migration Team

Why You Need an Integration Migration Team

By Tricia O'Connor

Migrating to a new screening provider is a big lift. It doesn’t have to be. With the right roadmap, you can swiftly and confidently migrate to a new background check vendor and integrate your Applicant Tracking System with their platform.

EBI helps you navigate the migration maze better than others. How? With our team approach. Here’s what to look for in your integration support team.

Not All Integrations are Created Equal

As an enterprise organization, you have unique needs – like finding the right ATS integration – to keep your business running at peak performance. EBI understands the demands of a project this size and the concerns you may have undertaking a migration. EBI seamlessly integrates with virtually all leading ATS platforms and can be easily integrated with new platforms.

Overseeing this process is our transition and support team. Without the right team managing the migration, problems will undoubtedly arise. Forms may be out of FCRA compliance. Coding to a new API could cause interruptions or delays. The systems may not communicate properly. This wastes valuable time and money. Worse, it disrupts your productivity and candidates may be frustrated by the experience and abandon the hiring process.

The EBI Migration Method

EBI is the only Consumer Reporting Agency who offers a Transition Framework and dedicated Transition Management Team to help enterprise clients realize maximum efficiency during migration and beyond.

The main goal of this team is to collaborate with you to identify your needs and existing challenges and create, design, and oversee a migration plan that includes everything from timelines, deliverables, milestones, testing procedures, workflows, and business processes, says Don Darrah, Vice President of Alliances at EBI. Darrah joined EBI four years ago and oversees the management of the largest partner ecosystem in the screening industry.

“A lot of enterprise organizations are under-resourced when it comes to migrating to a new background screening vendor,” says Darrah. “They really need someone to step up and be responsible throughout the process and hold everyone accountable. That’s where EBI comes in. Even though there is a lot of technology involved in an ATS integration at the enterprise level, EBI takes a human approach in our support and management of this process.”

It Takes The Right People

If you’re searching for a new screening provider, there is a good chance it’s because your needs are not being met.

“People leave their background screener because service and support are awful,” says EBI’s Darrah. “Not only is our integration and supporting migration service one of the industry’s best, we can confidently say our team is exceptional at advocating for your business goals.”

It’s important you find an integration team who offers comprehensive support during a project of this magnitude. You need to feel confident your technology and process requirements will be met, but you also need someone who freely and openly communicates with you so you don’t feel left on your own.

EBI provides four distinct levels of support and service during every migration:

  • Advocacy
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Oversight


Every EBI transition begins with one of our expert Enterprise Account Executives, who is your initial advocate. Your EAE spends a significant amount of time listening to your ATS integration needs and goals and understanding your current processes and challenges.

Your EAE then collaborates with an Enterprise Account Manager to cultivate the right plan to achieve your goals. This dedicated EAM will be your partner throughout the entire migration – from concept and implementation to deployment and maintenance.


Olivia Gonzalez has worked as an EAM in the background screening industry for more than a dozen years and says EBI prioritizes its clients’ needs.

“At the larger CRAs where I previously worked, the priority was to check boxes off during an integration and not focus on the client needs,” says Gonzalez, Enterprise Account Manager at EBI. “That didn’t sit well with me. For EBI, our transition framework works because we put our clients’ needs first.”

Gonzalez is responsible for the overall success of your migration. During the implementation phase, she is in constant communication with you and the integration teams involved.

“When I’m working with enterprise level clients, that could mean they have upward of 75,000 hires per year. That requires a complex framework and lots of development hours, collaboration time, resources, and money to create the internal processes to make sure their business runs successfully,” says Gonzalez. “They need a partner who is willing to adapt and expand to meet their needs. EBI does that.”


Clients of this size often require custom integrations. The technology, software, and cost involved can sometimes be a hurdle for IT departments. That’s where EBI’s integration experts step in. John Nutile, Director of Integrations, and Casey Hudson, Senior Integration Analyst, collaborate closely with Gonzalez and you to ensure the integration being built will run smoothly and efficiently according to your specifications.


We are responsible for managing the deployment process. That means we are involved in every kickoff call where we learn the ordering process, workflow options, and requirements. Then we set up our client in our testing sandbox and assist them with setting up the ATS side on their end. This helps in configuring the integration when our client is ready to go live.

The result is a swift and seamless migration without any interruption to your workflow.

“When we can get our clients from one CRA one day, to EBI the next day, that’s a success,” says Gonzalez.


But let’s say you do experience a hiccup. You need a screening company who will stand by its migration and continue to preserve the integration. Not only does EBI’s integration team continue to monitor the integration after deployment, we take ownership during any ATS software updates and communicate with you as we monitor the situation. This helps alleviate any potential stress you may feel during these updates. Not all background check companies are willing to put forth this level of ownership.

Once you are up and running, you are also backed by our award-winning Customer Care team. This highly skilled team provides agile, accurate, and accelerated service unique to your business needs.

The Most Business Benefits

EBI integrations have standardized processes and adhere to our quality principles. Our pre-built ATS integrations can be deployed in less than a day and can link to EBI’s full range of screening solutions. We’ve created a repeatable, scalable, and dependable migration and integration that can immediately service nearly any client.

And you have one of the best integration teams in the background screening industry standing beside you every step of the way. Get to know more about EBI  – schedule a demo.

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