Why Quality Matters

Why Quality Matters

By Tricia O'Connor

When is the last time you reviewed your screening company’s track record on quality? If it’s been a while, there are several data security quality certifications a screening company should have achieved:

But how do these certifications fit into a background check company’s overall commitment to quality? Let’s explore how EBI prioritizes quality solutions and services so you can determine if your screener measures up.

How EBI Defines Quality

Quality is not something that just happens at EBI. We define it. We monitor it. We measure it. This commitment to quality solutions and services speaks to our core values at EBI. We actively seek to create clients for life. Our clients deserve the best, and we work diligently to provide that to clients of all sizes, from enterprise organizations to burgeoning businesses.

Bob Capwell, Chief Knowledge Officer at EBI, oversees our Quality Management Program. This company-wide policy outlines EBI’s organizational goals and how we can best meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

“At EBI, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing accurate, timely, and compliant information. We continually work to improve our process to achieve unparalleled quality solutions and customer satisfaction.”

How EBI Measures Quality

EBI uses five measurable pillars to define quality. We use pillars that can be tracked and supported by data. After 27 successful years in the screening industry and becoming the most awarded enterprise background screening provider, we’re confident we’ve reached a level of excellence that helps you meet your existing business goals and propels you forward to meet new and exciting benchmarks.

  • Accurate – EBI proudly maintains an average 98% accuracy rate among our background check services. We are able to achieve and maintain these high grades, in part, because of our ISO 9001 certification for quality management. The ISO 9001 certification standard requires a yearly audit. In addition to an external audit, EBI has a dedicated full-time internal audit team to make sure we protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like it’s our own, and that we provide the most accurate reports in the industry. Our ISO 9001 standard certification ensures clients get consistently exceptional service.
  • Compliant – The rapidly changing landscape of employment and screening law – especially during a pandemic – demands a devoted, knowledgeable, and highly-skilled team to support our clients. Our compliance team monitors and reviews internal and external requirements and responsibilities so you can concentrate on talent acquisition and leave the compliance paperwork to us. EBI clients also receive the added benefit of a compliance library that is updated in real-time as laws, guidelines, and requirements evolve. You never have to guess how to interpret a new law. Our experts provide the insight and clarity you need.

The compliance team at EBI is backed by some of the most prestigious and experienced names in the screening industry who help define and execute industry-wide standards:

Bob Capwell-1With more than 30 years of experience, Bob Capwell is a past chairperson of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. He helped lead a task force to transform the organization into its current form, the global Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).

Curt Schwall-1Curt Schwall is the Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at EBI. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Curt is a sought-after Subject Matter Expert on all things compliance. He recently guest-starred on Sirius XM’s Road Dog Trucking station where he spoke about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Clearinghouse Regulation.

Jennifer Gladstone EBIJennifer Gladstone is the Editor-in-Chief of EBI’s Screening News Network. Our flagship weekly broadcast, SNN provides a collection of employment screening news stories, legislative alerts, and compliance-related issues companies of all sizes need to know. Jennifer’s insider expertise, stretching more than a decade, makes her one of the most recognized names in the screening industry. Subscribe to the award-winning SNN.

  • Secure – In addition to our ISO 9001 quality standard certification, EBI is also proud to hold the ISO 27001 Information Security standard certification for all our operations. EBI was the FIRST background screening firm in the industry to hold both esteemed standards. Our clients get unrivaled confidentiality, integrity, and information authorization.
  • Timely – It’s difficult to maintain both lightning fast turnaround time AND stellar accuracy. EBI has found a successful way to do both. 96.92% of our background checks are completed in 46.2 hours or less. We have the most efficient and robust screening infrastructure in the industry that also delivers consistently fast and accurate results. According to our 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey, our entire roster of clients – from enterprise to small business – rated our turnaround time at nearing 92%. When combined with a near 100% accuracy rate, there is simply no other Consumer Reporting Agency who delivers results like EBI does.
  • Scalable – Our system architecture allows for complete customization with your existing talent acquisition workflow. Operational excellence isn’t a term we use just for ourselves, it’s our goal to help you achieve operational excellence, too. When you partner with EBI, your Account Manager collaborates with you to identify your goals, ensure your needs are being met, and continually optimize your panel of services. We navigate our extensive list of features together and guide you to choices that maximize your investment. We advocate for your success every step of the process.

How EBI Monitors Quality

While last couple of years have been difficult for many businesses, EBI has taken this time to re-invest in our infrastructure, solutions, and partnerships. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to you that we innovate and evolve on behalf of our existing clients.

Here’s what’s new at EBI:

  • Became one of only nine drug screening providers to earn a coveted Consortium/Third-Party Administrator accreditation
  • Grew the largest partner ecosystem in the industry to include nearly every ATS on the market today
  • Expanded solution offerings to include COVID-19 test kits
  • Launched an informative video series on dangerous court rulings that could affect background check integrity
  • Streamlined comprehensive background checks results to less than 2 days with 98% or more accuracy rates
  • Hired dozens of new EBI support staff to join our 100% U.S. based Client Care team

Monitoring quality doesn’t mean only evaluating your existing programs. To us, it means staying creative and committed to constant growth and improvement. EBI stays on the cutting edge of technology, while always increasing our depth of knowledge. Our diverse client base ensures we’re prepared to meet any challenge, no matter the size of company we’re serving.

Better Background Screening with EBI

The overall benefit of EBI’s Quality Management Program is it focuses on every aspect of functionality our clients might need during the talent acquisition and workforce management processes. We aren’t good at just one thing. We excel at being accurate, compliant, secure, timely, and scalable. This means our clients, whether new to EBI or longtime partners, can always feel confident they are getting consistently high-quality screening solutions and support.

EBI knows quality matters. That’s why we do it right even when no one is looking. Get to know more about EBI  – schedule a demo.

This blog was originally published in February 2020 with updates made on September 2nd, 2021.

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