What Makes EBI Different?

We understand what it takes to recruit the best people. We focus our solutions on making every aspect of recruiting easier for you. How? By leveraging the best technology in the industry coupled with the best and most proven processes to deliver quality.

Background Screening That's Built For You

The Best Background Checks in the Industry

More efficient. More compliant. More accurate.

Every great business provides a great, reliable, and consistent experience. At EBI, we guarantee it. From the moment you sign up as a client, you will receive our "WOW Experience". Personalized onboarding. Dedicated account manager. Best-in-class support. When it comes to quality, you can count on the best in the industry. We deliver the fastest turnaround times, highest accuracy, and most secure and compliant solutions in the industry.

Whether it's our Trusted Advisor program, ISO 27001 and 9001 Certifications, weekly Screening News Network broadcast, or any of our offerings, EBI infuses its core values into everything we do, ultimately allowing us to do what we do best: deliver "Happy."