Why Automating HR Processes is Like Using a Digital Wallet Instead of Paper Checks

Why Automating HR Processes is Like Using a Digital Wallet Instead of Paper Checks

By Tricia O'Connor

Paper checks are dying for a reason. They’re time consuming. Prone to error. Take way too long to process. And are not environmentally friendly.

That’s why checks are being replaced by cash apps, or digital wallets. These mobile-friendly apps allow people to transfer money between friends. They’re fast, seamless, easy to use, and don’t waste a scrap of paper.

Now, imagine if HR processes could modernize and streamline the same way cash apps have modernized and streamlined payments.

Automating your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) does this – it’s like using a digital wallet instead of paper checks.

Let’s cash in on this analogy.

Efficient HR Processes

Finding viable and cost-effective measures to shorten time-to-hire is a goal for every employer, even more so in a pandemic where time is precious. In an environment where every business transaction is meaningful to your survival, sluggish and repetitive HR processes carry way too much risk and put too much burden on overworked HR departments.

So, why are you still using an antiquated paper-first hiring system when there is a faster, safer, and more precise digital alternative?

Here are a few reasons why it’s time to ditch paper for good and integrate your ATS.

1. Reduce Redundant Data Entry

HR Processes woman paying bills

Remember the days of writing a check AND balancing your check book AND writing a deposit slip AND going to the bank to cash it AND re-balancing your check book again?! If you get one number wrong, all your figures are off and you have to start all over again. It’s madness we tell you, madness!

This happens in a paper-driven hiring process all the time. A candidate accidentally writes down the wrong social security number. Then an HR administrator writes down the same mistake. And it carries on over and over again through the hiring process until something doesn’t check out. By then, the candidate and the HR professional have both invested time and effort into this error-prone repetitive process.

There is a better way. An integration solves this redundancy. It connects your ATS with your background check company (like EBI) and streamlines the information needed to generate the background check report. This is exactly how a digital wallet integrates with your bank account. Applicants no longer need to waste time entering in redundant data, which in turn reduces the chance for errors.

2. Improve Candidate Experience

You know that awkward moment at the end of a dinner out? The one where five friends sit staring blankly at the check before one of them just gets exasperated, pays the entire thing, and asks her friends to pay her back? And then, weeks later, sends aggravated text messages wondering where her money is? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Well, cash apps have put an easy end to that awkwardness. Now, one friend can pay the bill and the others can immediately transfer money from their bank accounts into their friends’ account.

It’s fast, convenient, and mobile-friendly. Essentially, exactly what candidates are looking for in the job application process.

An ATS integration accomplishes this function. It complements your existing recruiting workflow and meets the needs of modern candidates. Recruiters complete pre-employment background checks and other screens directly within their ATS. Candidates experience superior end-to-end mobile recruiting and stay informed with automated text message alerts.

3. Recruit Faster

HR Processes man waiting in line

If standing in line at the bank isn’t even fun for Mr. Monopoly, it’s definitely not fun for you.

So why are you still going to the bank to process payments and then waiting for them to clear?

Digital wallets allow you to send and receive money in two touches from one single app. An ATS integration provides recruiters virtually the same experience with a single sign-on feature. Recruiters don’t have to jockey between different screens and software platforms to manage the background check process. You can configure your own rules, reporting guidelines, and functionality so the background check process can easily fit into your pre-existing hiring workflow.

4. Trim Human Errors

Incorrect date? Name spelled wrong? Amounts don’t match? You have to start all over with paper checks if just one of these items is wrong.

Because digital wallets are securely and directly linked to your bank account from the moment you set them up, there is little chance of error when you issue a payment. The important information – name, account number, date – is all automated.

An ATS integration operates almost the same way. Once a candidate enters his information and it is verified by the HR pro, any inconsistencies can be corrected from one digital dashboard.

5. Extra Bonus: Built-in Compliance

Just as the banking industry has loads of regulations, so does the screening industry. Ensuring compliance takes constant vigilance, even more so when you’re shuffling through piles of paper forms.

We know of several enterprise organizations who’ve had to settle class action lawsuits stemming from Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations. Many of these violations involve insufficient disclosure and authorization forms.

An ATS integration helps you digitize your forms and streamline your intake procedures which keeps you compliant. Plus, when you partner with a background check firm like EBI, we continually stay up to date on the rules, regulations, and laws governing the screening process, and we update our ATS software accordingly. This way, you’re never waiting for anyone to issue you an updated paper form; It’s all there automatically in your ATS dashboard.

21st Century Technology

The role of HR professionals has never been more demanding. Whether you’re a large-scale powerhouse human resources department, or a small and mighty team of specialists, you deserve modern and streamlined HR processes and a company who understands the value of ditching archaic paper and automating your ATS. EBI leverages 21st century technology and is an industry leader in providing exceptional support.

“People leave their background screener because service and support is awful,” says EBI’s Darrah. “Not only is our integration and supporting migration service one of the industry’s best, we can confidently say our customer care team is exceptional at advocating for your business goals.”

No matter how you’re adjusting your hiring needs during this pandemic, EBI has an integration that delivers. Our pre-built ATS integrations can be deployed in less than a day and can link to EBI’s full range of screening solutions. We’ve created a repeatable, scalable, and dependable integration that will immediately minimize your HR processes, administrative tasks, and improve your candidate experience.

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