Why Automating HR Processes Can Speed Up Return-To-Work Efforts

Why Automating HR Processes Can Speed Up Return-To-Work Efforts

By Tricia O'Connor

The role of HR professionals has never been more demanding. Whether you’re a large-scale powerhouse human resources department, or a small and mighty team of specialists, you’re responsible for keeping your company operational, caring for employees, and catalyzing return-to-work efforts.

This month, EBI’s Jennifer Gladstone is exploring how the pandemic is complicating HR processes with a 4-part roundtable series entitled ‘Helping your HR Staff Survive COVID-19’. You can read Part 1 here. In Thursday’s Part 2, we’ll look at the non-profit sector and hear from Allison Rinker, VP of Human Resources for The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. In that post, Rinker will share insight into how The Associated use automation to meet current needs.

Here are four reasons why you should also use automation to speed up your return-to-work efforts.

1. Reduce Redundant Data Entry

Nothing annoys applicants more than having to re-enter the same information repeatedly. This redundancy happens frequently, though, when your ATS is not integrated with your screening provider. Not only is this information duplication frustrating for candidates, it also increases the likelihood of errors.

Using a standalone ATS and separate screening process, applicants receive multiple requests to fill out multiple documents with similar information on each document. The two systems can’t communicate with one another to push out a streamlined series of documents.

An integration solves this redundancy. It connects your ATS with your background check company like EBI and streamlines the information needed to generate the background check report. Applicants no longer need to waste time entering in redundant data, which in turn greatly reduces the chance for errors.

In short, with an integration, the entire hiring process for applicants and human resource professionals is faster, smarter, and cleaner.

2. Better Candidate Experience

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

There is a reason this quote resonates with people. The application process is an applicant’s first experience with your company and your brand. As a hiring and recruiting professional where time is of the essence to return your company to normal operations, it’s your job to make sure that first impression is as seamless as possible.

You also want to respect the priorities and expectations of today’s job applicant; they want a hiring experience that is fast, mobile-friendly, and streamlined. They want to begin working again without any additional hassles.

“There is a recruiting advantage happening here. There is a broader availability of skilled labor so you can be a little more choosy from a talent perspective. But it’s also a time when companies are reevaluating their needs and objectives,” says Curt Schwall, Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at EBI.

An ATS integration with EBI complements your existing recruiting workflow and meets the needs of the modern applicant. Recruiters can complete pre-employment background checks and other screens directly within their ATS. Candidates will appreciate text message alerts and a superior end-to-end mobile recruiting experience.

This unified approach strengthens your relationship with an applicant and showcases a strong return-to-work process.

3. Faster Recruiting

Attracting, onboarding, and retaining top talent takes time and money. And there is a lot of top talent available in the job market right now. You need a direct line to your applicants to pull them into the fold before your competitors get a chance to do so. 

“When hiring at an enterprise level, the ability to click one button to launch background checks is extremely beneficial. This single sign-on feature saves so much time and eliminates the need for human resource professionals to juggle multiple usernames and passwords,” says Don Darrah, Vice President of Alliances at EBI.

An ATS integration with EBI provides recruiters a single comprehensive view of the hiring process. Recruiters don’t have to jockey between different screens and software platforms to manage the background check process. You can configure your own rules, reporting guidelines, and functionality so EBI’s background check process can easily fit into your pre-existing hiring workflow. Best of all, EBI will notify you when you can expect a candidate’s final background check report.

When informed hiring timeline decisions and proactive communication with candidates and hiring managers is essential for your continued survival post COVID-19, automation can help.

4. Built-in Compliance

Human resources departments are overloaded. As the pandemic drags on, and HR specialists continue to feel they don’t have enough people to manage all these new challenges, it can leave organizations vulnerable to violating screening law compliance.

The rules, regulations, and laws governing the screening process and return-to-work policies are evolving rapidly. It’s extremely difficult for an HR department – especially an understaffed one – to keep up. That’s where an ATS integration with EBI can help.

We take ownership of the integration during any ATS software updates and communicate with our partner and with you as we monitor the situation. This helps alleviate any potential stress our clients may feel during these updates. Not all background check companies are willing to put forth this level of ownership.

As your partner, EBI will provide you with all the reference material necessary to stay compliant with ever-changing employment laws and regulations. We continually monitor employment laws and regulations and make changes to your screening program, at no extra cost to you.

We also provide you with access to our industry-leading compliance library of sample forms that contains required federal, state, and local compliance language.

Return to Work with EBI

We understand this is a lot to learn on top of everything else you are juggling in this new economic environment. We’d love to speak with you, but if you’re not quite ready to reach out, here are some additional resources to check out:

Our goal at EBI is to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize your business and improve the overall quality of your operations. From return-to-work health and safety programs to background screening, we have a full suite of solutions to optimize your business.

If you’re ready to Return to Work, our EBI experts can help.

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