What Management Strategies COVID-19 Hasn’t Changed

What Management Strategies COVID-19 Hasn’t Changed

By Tricia O'Connor

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Depending on who you believe, this quote was coined by either French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr or… Bon Jovi.

But in this current COVID-19 environment, the philosophy behind the quote holds true. While there are plenty of rapidly shifting things for businesses to contend with, there are core fundamentals, people strategies, and leadership avenues the virus simply can’t – and won’t – infect.

We reached out to several EBI leaders from various departments to find out the business features this pandemic hasn’t changed. Here’s how you can follow their example.

Client Relations

Put your clients first. Clients don’t need you to solve new problems for them. Your clients expect you to continue doing what you’ve always done for them, and to do it to the best of your ability.

From EBI’s perspective, for example, we are highly focused on how we can best help our clients today – by helping them get their employees back to work as quickly and easily as possible when they’re ready to hire again.

Alicia Baez EBI“Clients lean on us to guide them, provide them accurate information, be their source for background and drug screening, and be their partner,” says Alicia Baez, Senior Account Coordinator at EBI. “This is a normal request from our clients and my responsibility. My clients’ expectations of me as their Account Manager haven’t changed.”

COVID-19 has heightened these expectations, not altered them. By framing your decisions in this light, you and your employees can focus on leveraging their expertise to help clients now. This in turn, will help ease your employees’ anxiety, as well as your clients’.

Customer Experience

Creating and maintaining a consistent customer experience is a critical component of establishing loyalty. Strengthening your employees’ ability to serve and communicate with clients – even in times of chaos – will always pay off.

Jamel 1x1“When it comes to the ebb and flow of change, whether moderate or cataclysmic, the one constant that remains the same for us here in Customer Care is our ability to empathize with our clients and their applicants,” says Jamel Smith, Customer Care Manager at EBI. “This inherent ability to recognize another individual’s emotional state or feelings, and from that frame of reference forge a stronger connection, is a fundamental core value of EBI, ‘We embrace transparency, honesty, and integrity, in everything we do.’”

Investing in your customer experience, and providing the support, training, and encouragement to your employees to deliver that experience day in and day out, is still a fundamental component of building brand loyalty. Your customers depend on a consistent transaction. A pandemic won’t change that.

Employee Engagement

Ask nearly anyone in human resources and they will tell you employee engagement and communication is the nucleus of any successful organization. Companies don’t run – or at least they don’t run well – without employees who are passionate, committed, and happy. If employee engagement was an equation, it might look something like this:

Happy Employees = Loyal Employees = Motivated Employees = Productive Employees

“But wait,” you ask. “Surely COVID-19 has changed employee engagement?”

Julie Mulhern EBIAh… we’ll agree the methods of fostering positive employee engagement have changed during the coronavirus because many of us are working remotely, but even our own human resources director says the goal is the same: communicate effectively and honestly to build long-term, sustainable relationships with employees.

“The number one thing that hasn’t changed in human resources is our need to communicate and keep our employees engaged. We need to continue building relationships. If we keep our employees informed and comfortable, they are more likely to stay with the organization,” says Julie Mulhern, Director of Human Resources at EBI.

ICYMI: Workers will not be returning to the same environment, policies, & procedures that existed before COVID-19. Here’s how to make their transition stress-free.

Moving Forward

Strong leadership, clear communication, and people-centered approaches will continue to drive your business forward in this new economy, even if the coronavirus continues its unpredictable path.

EBI recognizes the difficulties we’re all facing and aims to provide you exceptional background check solutions and the necessary talent acquisition, human resources, and screening information you need. Click here for our full COVID-19 HR Resources page.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us, connect on our LinkedIn page, or get to know EBI and speak with one of our experts.

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Tricia O'Connor

Tricia O'Connor

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