Website Warning: Ancestry Site Puts Your Info Out There

Website Warning: Ancestry Site Puts Your Info Out There

By Jennifer Gladstone

If you are serious about keeping your private information off the internet, you might want to check out The site, which is marketed as a family tree building service, has privacy experts concerned because it puts a lot of personal information at anyone’s fingertips.

I went to the site and put in my name. It instantly pulled up my age, birthday, my spouse, parents and siblings, in-laws and every address I’ve had over the last 20 years! For some there are also marriage, divorce and death records. Other sites that offer such information require a membership and some form of payment. This one literally took seconds – and no commitment of any kind – to tell someone how to find me and where to find the ones I love.

Just to be safe, I decided to take advantage of the opt out link. It’s not easy to find on the site, so just click the link and follow the directions. After decades on the local news, I’ve had my share of stalker experiences, so I’m pretty serious about keeping personal information under wraps. While opting out of this site can’t guarantee anything, my thought is, what can it hurt?

Thought you might want to opt out too. Better safe than sorry!

PS… It takes up to 48 hours for records to be removed. I just checked back and my information seems to have been deleted! Just follow the link to remove yours.

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Jennifer Gladstone

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