The Top 2021 Trend-Setting HR Learning Opportunities Coming Your Way

The Top 2021 Trend-Setting HR Learning Opportunities Coming Your Way

By Tricia O'Connor

2020 is almost over but that doesn’t mean its headaches are. This year brought a ton of upheaval and uncertainty to the business world and required human resource professionals to pivot in a way never experienced before in modern times.

As much as we’d like to swipe left on 2020, it’s pretty clear these HR challenges are going to carry over.

So, we turned to one of our favorite HR insider blogs and used it as inspiration. What follows is a list of HR trends for 2021 and some helpful workshops, webinars, and other virtual events that should get you off to a great start!

Start Here For 2021 Trend-Setting HR Learning Opportunities

If you’re just finding time to even consider what’s on the horizon for HR in 2021, start with this 10,000-foot view.

Webinar: The Top Priorities for HR Leaders in 2021 from Gartner

This webinar addresses new strategies organizations need to implement to meet current and future business needs. Gartner takes an in-depth look at the top priorities of more than 500 HR leaders and explores key actions to address those challenges.

Date: On-Demand
Time: Available now
Duration: 61 minutes
Topic: Macro-trends shaping HR in 2021
Price: $0

Trending Now

If you’re not already a regular reader of HR Bartender, it’s posts like this one that will get you hooked. Easy to read, informative, and often, a one-stop-shop that breaks down a big conference or topic into digestible bites.

HR Bartender compiled a list of six people management trends worth keeping an eye on:

  • Strategic hiring plans
  • Inclusive hiring
  • Resilience
  • Remote work and engagement
  • Self-care
  • Self-management

But we want to take this a step further and provide you some resources to help speed up your learning. Just like we’ve done for general HR Professional Development Credits and virtual trade shows, here’s a curated list of webinars, articles, and thought leadership opportunities that match each of these trends.

Strategic Hiring Plans

Virtual event: Human Resources Leadership Forum by Argyle Digital

COVID-19 is the accelerator for the greatest workplace transformation of our time. This online gathering is geared toward senior HR leaders and CHROs searching for answers on how to continue to respond to and innovate during the ongoing pandemic. All the sessions look meaty, but we really want to sink our teeth into the afternoon keynote presentation: Breaking Down the Data: Strategies for Smarter Decisions in HR. This session will discuss how to use data and analytics to spark actionable measures and how to align critical business drivers with strategy. 

Date: December 10, 2020
Time: 10:55 am – 5:10 pm ET
Topic: Creating the Workplace of the Future
Price: $0

Inclusive Hiring

Webinar: Committing to Diversity in Recruiting from Greenhouse 

Organizations need a fair and objective process to support inclusive hiring. But you may need some strategic tools to help improve your existing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. Greenhouse provides tips to attract and recruit under-recognized groups and delivers actionable strategies to enable consistent decision-making. 

Date: On-Demand
Time: Available now
Duration: 47 minutes
Topic: Strategic tools you can use to improve inclusive hiring
Price: $0


Article: How Teachers are Leaning on Each Other to Stay Resilient During COVID-19 from Mind/Shift by KQED

Teachers have had it particularly rough this year. It makes sense, then, to rely on them for advice on how to stay resilient during this challenging time. Turns out, they are managing this tumultuous school year by leaning on each other and creating support groups. They read books on mental health and leadership, and then discuss their takeaways as a group. This functional approach has kept them on-task during support group meetings (so it doesn’t devolve into a complaint session) and given them practical self-coping skills to utilize. This article showcases how one such support group operates and how its teachers have benefited. If they can find success wrangling rambunctious second graders and keep their spirits up, we can probably learn a thing or two about resiliency from them.

Additional resiliency reading – even though these books are written for educators, the resiliency-building tools provided in both extend to the business world.  

Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators

WHOLE: What Teachers Need to Help Students Thrive

Remote Work and Engagement

Whitepaper: Gallagher’s 2020 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey from HR Morning

It seems like HR professionals and people managers are being reminded every day about the need to keep employees engaged now that a bulk of the business workforce is remote. But they don’t always get the supporting information on how they’re supposed to keep employees engaged. That’s where this whitepaper comes in: it pulls on the results from thousands of organizations polled to provide best practices to keep employees happy and in place. Interestingly, the survey was conducted from January to May 2020, right when COVID-19 broke out.


Workshop: The Break Room with Kelsey J. Patel from Jobvite

12 weeks. 45+ sessions. All FREE! If you missed The Summer to Evolve presented by Jobvite you should definitely dig deep into its on-demand archives and catch up on this incredible roster of skill sessions, interviews, panels, and workshops. Halfway through the summer they invited Kelsey J. Patel, author of Burning Bright and one of Hollywood’s leading wellness and reiki experts, to hold a workshop on breathwork, meditation, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She’ll take you through these exercises and help you find a way to work these into your workday when you need them, and even when you think you don’t.


Blog: How an Invisible Virus Is Accelerating the Coming Revolution in Greater Self-management by Training Industry

HR Bartender likens self-management to personal accountability. You need to know yourself to deliver your best self at work – even if you’re working from home. But what are the features that make up self-management? This blog dissects each component – autonomy, distributed team-based management, innovation and human potential – and shares how to implement them into your everyday work life. The irony is that the more self-management tools you give yourself, the better your team thrives. 

Learn with EBI

EBI also has a robust selection of insightful webinars. Social media behavior, corporate culture, drug screening, and employee wellbeing are just some of the topics we’ve recently covered. Check out our EBI Resources page for access to our archived webinars.

We hope we’ve provided you an interesting slate of learning opportunities that align with next year’s HR trends. If you’d like to suggest something to us, send an email to one of our EBI Experts.

Happy learning!

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