The Principles Behind EBI’s Commitment to Quality

The Principles Behind EBI’s Commitment to Quality

By Tricia O'Connor

EBI strives to deliver consistent, reliable results to all our clients. Whether you’re an enterprise organization or a growing small business, you receive the same level of Customer Care and commitment to quality that EBI is recognized for producing year after year. For 25 years, EBI has provided consistently award-winning solutions and support driven by focusing on the needs of our clients and delivering background screening services that enhance your entire user experience.

Setting the Standard

Despite outward claims, other Consumer Reporting Agencies may leave quality standards to chance. Business demands often make it difficult to perform a continuing in-depth look at operations, processes, policies, performance levels, and deliverables.

That attitude, however, ignores the very people background screening firms are designed to assist – employers and job seekers. If you and your candidates can’t rely on the information being provided, you’re simply relying on luck.

We don’t gamble with luck at EBI. Not when it comes to helping you meet your business goals or staying in compliance with fast-moving regulations. We know quality can be consistently delivered, monitored, and measured. Our ISO 9001 certification holds us to that standard.

Accountability in Action

The International Organization for Standards is the premier global group that oversees the requirements, specifications, and guidelines for the creation of products and services. In other words, they create a written standard that ensures quality products.

“If you think of EBI as building background checks, drug tests, occupational health screening services, along with post-hire solutions like E-Verify and I-9, the same standardization principles apply,” says Bob Capwell, Chief Knowledge Officer at EBI. “By building our products and services in a consistent manner, we ensure what we build is of the highest quality.”

Our ISO 9001 certification means all EBI clients receive the same benefits:

  • Measurable standards – The certification helps us meet and maintain these standards and holds us accountable to routinely achieving them
  • Consistent training – EBI’s support services include a knowledgeable and highly-skilled Customer Care team who receives ongoing training through our internal learning academy
  • Refined quality – The ISO 9001 standard is difficult to achieve and even harder to earn year after year. It shows a true commitment to our clients to provide the quality you deserve.

In addition to our ISO 9001 standard certification, EBI is also proud to hold the ISO 27001 Information Security standard certification. EBI was the FIRST background screening firm in the industry to hold both esteemed standards; an intentional decision to hold ourselves to a higher level of accountability than most of our peers.

“It is kind of surprising to me we were the first one,” says Greg Wieclaw, Internal Lead Auditor at EBI. “I still can’t believe that among the bigger CRAs out there, they don’t want to raise the bar for themselves.”

Inside Look

The ISO 9001 certification standard requires a yearly audit conducted by internal and external auditors. They meet with EBI team members across all departments and examine the processes and procedures in place. They ensure existing quality standards are being met and identify areas where EBI can improve its client experience. Completed audits are then reviewed by EBI’s Management Review Board (MRB). The MRB additionally reviews client feedback (administered annually through our customer satisfaction survey), vendor evaluations, and a variety of recommendations outlined in previous audits. This combined approach of reviewing internal and external feedback gives us a comprehensive, 360-degree view of EBI in action.

This proactive approach to solving challenges as a team speaks to our core values at EBI. We actively seek to learn, grow, and share knowledge with others. Not only does our auditing process allow this growth to blossom internally, it also shows we embrace transparency and integrity with our clients. Greg Wieclaw, who leads EBI’s auditing team has more.


ISO 9001 outlines general quality in our business and operations at all levels at EBI. If we didn’t have this standard in place, it would all be luck and chance. This certification gives us a standard to measure against. We’ll never be completely perfect, but we will continually work toward that goal.

Creating and auditing our ISO 9001 standard is not a process defined once and earned through a ten-step checklist. ISO standards are fluid and require ongoing monitoring, testing, and evaluation for continual improvement. An annual audit is the ONLY way for us to ensure we never leave anything to luck.

Consistently High Quality

So, if no one else is performing this level of scrutiny on its screening services, why does EBI? The answer is simple. You deserve it.

Our ISO 9001 standard certification is proof you are getting the BEST services EBI can deliver. If the results from our latest audit are any indication, we are unwavering in our commitment to quality. Over the last six months, our accuracy rate is nearly 100% during these important searches:

  • 99.98% – Criminal Records
  • 99.73% – Verifications
  • 99.48% – Occupational Health Screenings

“If you don’t do it this way, if you don’t hold yourself to this ISO standard, it’s all luck,” says Wieclaw. “And it’s really hard to get lucky these days.”

Don’t leave your next hire to chance. Get to know EBI.

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