The EBI Story: How Did We Help You?

The EBI Story: How Did We Help You?

By Tricia O'Connor

EBI is the most awarded enterprise background screening provider in the industry. We are known for customer care excellence. It’s the #1 reason our clients stick with us year after year.

EBI clients are supported by a personalized, well-trained Customer Care team fully located in our U.S. headquarters. We understand your business goals, provide swift and accurate assistance, and most importantly, advocate for your success. This helps us deliver a consistent WOW Experience to all our clients.

But how do we do this? We went straight to the source – one of our support specialists – and asked her. What is it about EBI’s Customer Care that elevates the experience for our clients, and, as it turns out, our employees?

Meet our Team Member

Brianna Dobbins is a Senior Drug Testing Specialist with the Tier II Support team who works closely with the Occupational Health Department. She began her career at EBI five years ago in the drug screening division of our Customer Care department. She helped job applicants navigate the drug testing portion of their background check. This applicant-facing position allowed Brianna to develop a deep understanding of the ins and outs of drug testing – both from a candidate’s point of view, but also as a drug screening vendor and as the hiring employer. Brianna’s broad knowledge and keen customer service skills made her an ideal fit for a new client-facing position.

“We recognized the importance of not only having an advocate for job seekers in our drug testing division, but also having a tier of customer service to directly help our clients, the employers, with drug testing,” says Brianna. “As a Senior Drug Testing Specialist with the Tier II team, I directly assist clients with administrative tasks, compliance questions, account issues, and anything else that may come up. I also create a bridge between our Account Management team and our Sales team, to ensure their clients and leads get timely and accurate information they need about drug testing.”

“How can I help you today?”

Not long after Brianna started this position, she faced a unique challenge that affected a client and their desired applicant. During a required drug screen for a pre-employment background check, an applicant’s background check report stalled. The applicant didn’t know why. The client didn’t know why. Time was running out to get the applicant hired. Brianna to the rescue. She immediately sprang into action and put all her knowledge and service skills to work.

“This client is very familiar and loyal to EBI and very flexible to work with. So, it confused me when one of their applicants essentially fell off the radar,” Brianna says. “I had to do some research and back track which steps had been performed so far and when things stopped progressing.”

Brianna spoke directly to the testing lab and collection site and discovered a crucial piece of the required drug testing paperwork was not properly completed by the collection site.

“The collector did not sign the Chain of Custody form when performing the drug test,” she explains. “That’s an official document that follows the specimen/sample everywhere it travels from collection to testing to being posted as the final result.”

When the Chain of Custody form is missing any of the required signatures or information, the lab will not move forward with testing as it must all be properly documented. Sometimes the lab will even cancel the entire test. This specific case required an affidavit.

“This means a form had to be sent back to the collection site where the drug test collection took place, signed by the collector admitting they forgot to sign the Chain of Custody form the first time. Once the affidavit is signed it must be mailed back to the lab so testing can continue,” says Brianna. “An affidavit can take days or even weeks to get sent back to the lab. The account manager and I did not want to disappoint the client, even though we knew that in the past this type of request is almost impossible to expedite. But the lab and our account manager really helped us work a miracle. It was great team work on everyone’s end.”

Within a few short days, EBI’s team was able to get this drug test posted and the applicant’s background check updated so that the client could move forward in the hiring process.

#1 for a reason

The efficiency and determination Brianna showed to solve her client’s challenge demonstrates what EBI does better than any other Consumer Reporting Agency in the industry. We listen. We research. We problem-solve. We communicate. We advocate. We resolve.

And we have team members like Brianna who are passionate about their jobs and want to help other people land their dream roles, too.

“I see it as a win for the applicant, first, because the screening process can be stressful for them. From a human standpoint, I understand and want to help a person who could easily be me. It’s also a win for our client. Great jobs and great people to fit those jobs are hard to find and this can be stressful for the recruiter as well,” explains Brianna. “They are usually racing against the clock to meet a deadline. My clients count on me to quickly and effectively get them the information and results they need in order to complete the hiring process. My job requires me to think and problem-solve really fast and it can be a challenge, but I love what I do and it’s exciting when you have good outcomes, and everyone is happy at the end of it.”

EBI cares for both candidates and clients. When you partner with us, team members like Brianna are with you every step of the way. That is truly a WOW Experience.

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About the Author

Tricia O'Connor

Tricia O'Connor

Writer. Digital marketer. Storyteller. An award-winning writer and editor, Tricia O'Connor is the Marketing Content Manager at EBI. Tricia worked as a broadcast and print journalist for nearly two decades writing and producing programming for high-profile networks like ESPN Radio, History Channel, and Hallmark Channel, as well as contributing editorial work to publications nationwide. Tricia joined the EBI marketing team in 2019 and is responsible for content strategy, development, and engagement. Tricia earned a master's degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and is a proud undergraduate alumna of Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

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