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Colorado Employers Benefit From Suspended Credit Report Legislation
Colorado Employers Benefit From Suspended Credit Report Legislation

HB1127 Suspended Indefinitely State of Colorado House Committee has voted down legislation that would have prohibited employers from utilizing consumer credit information for any type of general employment purpose including hiring, promotion, reassignment or retention. As proposed, Colorado House Bill 1127 specified that employers could not use consumer credit reports unless:The credit information was substantially "job-related," and the employee would have access to money, other assets, trade secrets or other confidential information; or The position sought was any of the following:a)  Managerial positionb)  Position in the Department of Lawc)  Sworn Peace Officer or other law enforcement position; ord)  A position for which the consumer credit information is required to be     disclosed by law or to be obtained by the employerThe legislation would have been enforced by the Director of the Division of Labor at the State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, and any person injured by an employer's violation of the new provisions would have the right to file a civil action to obtain injunctive relief and/or damages. According to the State of Colorado Legislature website, the House Committee has suspended HB1127 "indefinitely" as of February 17, 2011.

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