Meals on Wheels

Big Hearts AndBusy Hands
Big Hearts And
Busy Hands

EBI creates sweet treats for Meals on Wheels

The Power of Teamwork

One of our core values at EBI is to always remember that we succeed because of the power of our team. It’s a team of smart, hard-working, fun-loving and big-hearted people. Every day we try to celebrate these things, but sometimes we get the chance to do it really big!

As part of our annual Sales Kick-Off, Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland gave us the opportunity to do a team-building exercise that would touch the lives of more than a thousand people we’ve never met.

Early one morning, the entire sales team walked into the big, industrial kitchen a bit unsure about what was in store. In just two short hours, they baked and packaged 4,800 chocolate chip cookies to be delivered as a special treat for Meals on Wheels recipients.

Meals On Wheels Volunteer Coordinator Ellen Falk says the 5,000 meals they produce every day are designed to make sure clients get the proper nutrition, but the addition of a sweet surprise means more than just a dessert. It means someone is thinking about them. “They are so excited,” says, Falk. “They say, ‘Bless you, bless you, bless you!’ They really appreciate it because a lot of our clients don’t see anybody else except for us when we deliver the meals, so to come with some cookies, it really brightens their day.”

Meals on Wheels means everything to me. The food is great and the people who deliver are so kind and friendly. I was not eating nearly enough to keep my health up, but now I am feeling better and look forward to seeing the food. The gifts on holidays and special treats are so thoughtful and caring. Thank you to all who take part in this program. You saved my life.

F. Clayton

In addition to breaking the previous one-day cookie baking record of 2,000, our team also stuffed and wrapped mugs full of treats to be delivered by volunteers as well.

When asked about the project, every single member of the team said they feel they are part of a special family working at EBI, and they are thrilled to be able to share a little bit of that with others.

Helping is in our nature! After all, our entire business is based on helping employers hire the right people and keep them safe.

To see what it took to bake nearly 5,000 cookies — check out this video of our special team in action!