Efficient Screening Solutions for Global and International Screening Programs

Today, organizations are sourcing talent from all over the world, and many are transforming themselves into “transnational” organizations with operations in multiple countries and territories.  This means even more challenges for your HR department.  With EBI’s SMART Global Technology Platform, the days of missing information and out-of-date forms are over.

We have a full suite of global & international background checks in more than 200 countries and territories. EBI will provide you with the same consistent, compliant, automated, and paperless processing environment regardless of hiring location.  

Get SMART about Global Screening

Our J-One™ Platform incorporates country specific screening protocols, data collection requirements, and on-demand SMART Forms and Documents. You will know when specific information is required for a country or service before you even hit the submit button.

EBI will help you design a global & international background check and drug testing strategy that helps your people be more productive.  Our best-in-class products are scalable to your work environment, and will help you stay fluid in the ever-changing world of security and compliance.

International Criminal Searches

The jurisdiction and search method depend on the individual country or area being searched. Criminal record searches are only performed when/where it is our understanding that a third party may permissibly access records in the host country. A Criminal Conviction Database Search can be performed where court records may not be searched “directly.” EBI provides a unique added value of authenticity by supplying actual court documentation of records, information directly from the governing authority, where available.

International Employment Verification

This service provides verification of one former employer’s name and location, contact information for the employer’s HR department, supervisor’s name and department, dates of employment and job titles.  Rate of pay, reason for leaving, and eligibility of rehire are provided when available.   Our Extended Verification consists of a six-question interview with one past supervisor or professional reference and includes a line of questioning in respect to the overall performance and reliability of the candidate. Interviews are typically conducted in local language and translated into English for ease of review.

International Education Verification

The increased popularity of distance learning, combined with the reality of diploma mills and accreditation mills, has made it difficult for employers to determine fact from fiction when it comes to degrees and the legitimacy of institutions issuing them. EBI has the solution for this growing global issue, and will confirm that your candidate has the educational credentials to perform the job. EBI verifies the focus of study, dates of attendance, date of graduation and degree received.

International Civil Litigation Searches

EBI can provide a local search that reports civil suits, bankruptcies, tax liens and other judgments. Not all countries have a system to report civil litigation, but manual searches are performed where the records are available.

International Credit Searches

International consumer credit reports vary from country to country and generally include a listing of creditors and available credit limits. Some countries may include residency verification, public records, bankruptcies, civil court judgments and electoral registry.

International Driving Records

Based upon the country of issuance, this check may include validation of license, status, class, and expiration date, as well as violations and accidents on record. This check is done through the issuing agency and covers varying periods of time depending on the country.

International Financial Regulatory Searches

Searches include Global Sanctions and Enforcement Checks, Prohibited Parties Check and Government Services Agency Exclusion List.

International Professional License Verification

Verification of professional licensing information is conducted through the host country’s regulatory agency. You get a report detailing license type and status, pending or past disciplinary action, and dates of validity.

International Professional Reference

Verification of professional licensing information is conducted through host country regulatory agency, providing a report detailing license type and status, pending or past disciplinary action, and dates of validity.

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