Criminal Record Searches for Employment

Searching County, State, and Federal Records for Criminal Records

State Criminal Record Searches

We conduct felony and misdemeanor searches of state criminal records at each applicable state central repository.

Many states maintain a central criminal history record repository. This is where they collect case information from law enforcement agencies and courts throughout the state. Information held within these repositories is available to criminal justice personnel. Some states also allow authorized agencies to access the records.

As an authorized agency we can access these records. We're allowed to review and collect records for employment screening and licensing. And we have access to repositories across the country. So we'll verify of statewide criminal record searches.

Not all statewide searches are equal. Some states don't provide access to a repository. And many only store limited information from reporting counties. Surprisingly, some states don't keep up-to-date and accurate information. In situations like this we'll advise you on the best course of action. We'll also provide alternatives to statewide searches. And we'll inform you about the accuracy of each option, and detail their timeliness.

Federal Criminal Records Search

Federal Criminal offenses are crimes committed against the US government. Thus, they will not appear on searches on the state and county level.

Some of the offenses that fall under federal jurisdiction include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Bank robbery
  • Interstate drug trafficking

We can search criminal filings in any of the nation’s 300 Federal District Courts. We can also perform searches of a single district or statewide repository. Federal criminal records are also included for addresses included in the social security number trace.

National Criminal Research Search (NCRD)

We recommend this search as a tool in several instances. First, for uncovering criminal offenses that occurred outside of the areas where the applicant has lived. And second, to find criminal activity not identified by the social security number Trace based on your search criteria.

Our National Criminal Research Database Search (NCRD) instantly searches almost one billion offense records across 50 states and multiple jurisdictions. Our database is compiled of criminal records and information from municipal, circuit, district and superior court repositories. It also includes the Department of Corrections, the FBI, US Marshal, US Customs, the DEA, the Secret Service, and the Department of Justice.

Also included in the NCRD search

  • 50-state sex offender registry information
  • Healthcare Sanctions
  • Financial Sanctions
  • Terrorist watch lists
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control)

All records found from this search are automatically confirmed from the actual source. This helps ensure accuracy and completeness, as well as FCRA reporting compliance (see FCRA 613 (a)(2)).

FBI Fingerprint Database

The FBI maintains a database of fingerprints and information on criminal activity from across the country. And we're able to run background checks against the FBI's fingerprint database. But we don't always recommend fingerprint background checks for private background screenings.

First, the database was created for law enforcement. So only some industries have the ability to search this data. And even then it's not a reliable resource.

Second, the fingerprint database relies on local jurisdictions. If they're slow to upload fingerprints and case information, then the information is incomplete.

And finally, not all arrests include fingerprint records. And very often the final dispositions are never submitted.

However, some situations do call for this type of criminal search and we're happy advise you if needed.

Screening for Registered Sex Offenders

There are currently hundreds of thousands of registered sex offenders nationwide. Under the legislation of Megan’s Law, sexual offenders are required to register when they change their residence.

Multi-state Sex Offender Search

Our multi-state database is a collection of stored data from multiple state registries. This search is included in our NCRD search. All potential records found from this search are automatically confirmed from the actual source to ensure accuracy and compliance (see FCRA 614 (a)(2)).

Single State Sex Offender Search

Our single-state background check is conducted by accessing real-time information at the appropriate state agency. All information is collected and confirmed through state agency channels.

State and Prison Inmate Searches

We also offer the ability to search state and prison records for inmates. This type of criminal record search includes prison inmates, prison records, and offender records. During the search we'll check state & county jails, correctional institutions, and federal penitentiaries.

This is available on a statewide level or as a federal search.

National Wants & Warrants

The Wants and Warrants search is a nationwide criminal search. It will determine if there are any outstanding or extraditable arrest wants and/or warrants.

This report includes warrants issued for more serious felony offenses. It also includes outstanding county warrants elevated to the nationwide level.

Global Homeland Security (OFAC) Searches

We provide a search of more than 120 separate US and foreign sanctions and watch lists. This method of search ensures compliance with the Patriot Act. We access the most comprehensive sources for government watch, debarment, and exclusion lists.

Many federal regulations require a search of excluded party or person lists for compliance, and for due diligence outside of the US.

Some of the government sources we search include:

  • OFAC Designated Nationals (SDN) & Blocked Persons
  • OFAC Sanctioned Countries, including Major Cities & Ports
  • Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories
  • Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties
  • U.S Bureau of Industry & Security (formerly BXA)
  • Unverified Entities List, Denied Entities List and Denied Persons List
  • FBI Most Wanted Terrorists & Seeking Information
  • FBI Top Ten Most Wanted
  • INTERPOL Most Wanted List
  • Bank of England Sanctions List
  • OSFI – Canadian Sanctions List
  • United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List
  • Politically Exposed Persons List
  • European Union Terrorist List
  • World Bank Ineligible Firms