Slurpee Sins – ICE Hits 7-Elevens Hard

Slurpee Sins – ICE Hits 7-Elevens Hard

By Jennifer Gladstone

Slurpee-ICE-7-ElevenNine 7-Eleven franchisees and operators are under indictment for allegedly conspiring to commit wire fraud, stealing identities and harboring illegal immigrants.  This is the largest criminal immigrant employment investigation ever conducted.

According to court documents, the stores in New York and Virginia hired more than 50 undocumented workers, gave them stolen identification, housed them and forced them to work insane hours.  They are even accused of stealing substantial portions of the employees’ wages.

The rights to 14 stores and five houses will be forfeited to the government.  According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), more than $30 million in assets were seized.  The workers will also be paid back wages and the defendants could spend up to 20 years in prison.

This is an extreme example of a company failing to follow I-9 guidelines, but it is a good jumping off point for a quick reminder.  Compliance is required for all employers… period.

Here are some easy to remember steps to creating and maintaining your program:

Have a Policy

A sure fire way to run into trouble with the government is to have an unorganized policy for handling I-9 compliance.  As with all of your other policies, it needs to be clearly defined in writing and consistent. If you have questions you can consult an attorney familiar with immigration law.

Go Electronic

Yes, paper I-9s are perfectly legal, but how often is manual better than electronic these days? Working with a company to help you shift to an electronic I-9 system for E-Verify will make the system easier and help avoid many of the mistakes.

Train, Train, Train

Any new system can cause headaches if people don’t know how to use it. Make sure anyone responsible for working with the forms is not only trained, but keeps up to date on any changes in the system.

Be aware of State E-Verify Measures

Be aware of them, and be sure you understand whether they apply to your organization.  Some states have specific mandates in effect which require an employer to take additional steps beyond completing the form I-9 for new hires.

Follow the guidelines for Appropriate Documentation     

I-9 has specific guidelines about what documentation is acceptable to prove an applicant can legally work in the US.  You can find the list here.  Also, be consistent.  Don’t ask one new hire for more information than another. That would be considered discrimination.

Conduct Voluntary and Internal Audits                      

Audit a random sample of all or some I-9s on a regular basis. This will help identify any problems that may exist and allow time to correct those issues before the government conducts its own audit.


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