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A Smarter Drug Testing Process Provides a Better Experience for Your Candidates


Our SMART technology is easy to integrate into your current screening program’s ATS or HRIS. It allows you to maintain and enhance your existing pre employment drug testing components without sacrificing functionality or easy of use. We are pre-integrated with the industry’s top platforms.



A Smarter Drug Testing Process Provides a Better Experience for Your Candidates


Increase efficiency, decrease errors and make things easier for your participants by going completely paperless. Eliminate manual tasks, paperwork and deciphering of handwritten custody and control forms. Streamline the process by reducing data entry errors and avoiding manual mix-ups. Our innovative technology and process optimization make life easier for you and your candidates.

A Smarter Drug Testing Process Provides a Better Experience for Your Candidates

Candidate Portal

This time-saving feature allows candidates to schedule their own pre employment drug test and choose their own collection site over the web.  No paperwork is necessary!  And since it is all done electronically, you’ll know the minute their test is scheduled.

Experience A Smarter Screening Process

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As soon as a candidate schedules a test, an e-chain is established. From that point forward you will know if they show up for their pre-employment drug test, when the sample is collected, when it is received by the lab and when the results are available. Every detail of the testing process is recorded and at your fingertips. Total visibility eliminates the guesswork.

A Smarter Drug Testing Process Provides a Better Experience for Your Candidates

Expanded Access (Network Management)

EBI has an unmatched network of more than 15,000 collection sites and testing laboratories. We will help you customize your own network of facilities that best suit your needs. Once your network of clinics, hospitals and mobile collection sites is in place, you can be more hands-off.  Your staff and employees are given options that are convenient for them and cost effective for you. All billing goes through EBI, so you have one less thing to juggle.

A Smarter Drug Testing Process Provides a Better Experience for Your Candidates

Document Management

Our online document management tools help your testing program stay compliant.  You will have easy access to custody and control forms, consent forms, Breath Alcohol Tests (BATs) and physical exam records. Everything is available around the clock. Flexible permissions allow you to control proactive notifications, user administration, and access privileges.

Program Management Services

We're committed to a safe and compliant drug-free workplace. That's why we help you build accurate, fast, and reliable drug testing programs. Whether on a global scale or local, we'll manage your entire drug testing program.

Acting as your Third Party Administrator (TPA), we are your "Just One Solution™” for any drug screening needs. That also means we're here for policy creation, program setup, and administration needs.

Don't get overburdened with drug testing and occupational healthcare programs. We provide complete program management services so managing it is easy.

drug testing solutions

Urine Drug Testing

Lab Based Urine Drug Testing

We offer standard, expanded and customized panels with testing and cutoffs set to match your company’s exact needs. Results are secure and available 24/7 through EBI’s state-of-the-art web-based technology.  Every test is analyzed though a SAMHSA Certified laboratory and reviewed by an MRO for accuracy and compliance.

Medical Professional Testing

Drug abuse by healthcare professionals creates a huge liability.  Medical Professional Testing is a comprehensive urine test that provides extensive results that are more stringent than current industry standards.  This is essential for companies employing healthcare workers with access to pharmaceutical drugs and narcotics.  

Instant Urine Testing

No spilling, twisting or shaking.  EBI’s E-Z Split Key Cup is the easiest, most effective instant cup on the market.  The tester never comes in contact with the specimen, so it is simple and hassle-free. The initial pre employment drug test gives you results within minutes and ensures the integrity of the sample.

Employer Drug Testing Oral Fluids

Lab-Based Oral Fluid Testing

EBI’s Intercept Oral Fluid Drug Test is a practical and easy alternative to urine drug testing. The easy to use kit allows you to get a sample quickly and easily on-site. Results are much faster than traditional drug testing. This is an excellent choice for pre-employment, random and post-accident testing.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient, dignified and directly observable collection
  • Direct observation prevents sample tampering through dilution and adulteration
  • Donor-friendly collection swab is self-administered
  • Proven process that is comparable to urine testing
  • Analysis by SAMHSA certified laboratories
  • MRO reviews

Instant Oral Alcohol Testing

EBI’s instant oral fluid alcohol test (QED) can be collected on-site and are excellent for post-accident testing. It is less expensive than breath and blood testing and is approved by the Department of Transportation.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to administer
  • Provides quantitative results
  • EBI provides consent paperwork
  • EBI’s network will do Breath Alcohol Tests if necessary

Hair Drug Testing

Lab Based Hair Testing

EBI offers hair testing for employers concerned about long-term drug use. Employers that utilize hair testing include industries such as healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Testing for positions that require high security clearance or access to narcotics or prescription drugs are also good candidates for this type of test.  Lab based hair follicle drug testing can generally detect the presence of drugs for about 90 days.  A sample can be obtained quickly and easily, and is then securely shipped to a certified lab.

DOT drug testing solutions

DOT Screening Services

There is Just One solution for all of your compliance screening needs that meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT). It's EBI.

Learn More About Our DOT Drug Testing Services

Illicit and Abused Prescription Drug Detection Windows

Which Drug Tests are Best?

When you are setting up a drug testing program, you need to first determine if you will be doing DOT or non-DOT drug testing, and from there decide which type of tests will best fit your needs.

The three most common options are urine, hair and oral fluids testing.

This SlideShare will give you the result window with each type of test for the most common drugs.

Occupational Health Screening Solutions

Occupational Health Screening


EBI has Just One powerful tool to manage all your Occupational Health Screening Services


Managing occupational health screening services associated with HAZMAT, OSHA and DOT regulations require the skills of experienced professionals. Through the use of SMART Technology, EBI has created systems that work effectively and efficiently.