Background Screening Report Summary

EBI's Screening reports are designed to save time and create efficiencies so you can make hiring decisions faster. Reports with color-coded statuses, hyperlinked sections and SMART notifications and adjudication statuses are just some of the highlighted features. Reports are available in HTML or PDF format.

This sample shows the first section of your background screening report, which lists identification information pertaining to EBI, the candidate, and the client requestor.

Social Security Number Trace

The Search That Starts it All

EBI’s Social Security Number Trace is the crucial first step for identifying residential history, aliases, and other key data points in order to complete the most extensive and thorough background check.

Not all SSN traces are the same.  Using EBI’s SMART Logic, we are able to identify the most complex data points while eliminating erroneous and costly information found in other’s trace products.

Credit Report Checks

Is Your Candidate Stable and Trustworthy?

Credit reports are considered by many to be an indication of a candidate’s integrity, stability and trustworthiness. Banking, finance, security, public safety and pharmaceuticals are just a few industries that rely heavily on credit reports for making a hiring decision. It is always advised that credit reports only be utilized in the screening process for specific job positions.

Criminal Record Services

Enhance Due Diligence and Reduce the Threat of Negligent Hiring

An investigation of criminal records protects your company from the increasing threat of Negligent Hiring.  EBI supplies a wide array of criminal record searches including county, state, federal, national and even international search options.

County Criminal Record Searches

EBI’s County Criminal Record Searches check records at both the misdemeanor and felony levels.  This search is the most in-depth way to get accurate and timely results.  EBI has a vast team of records professionals who go directly to the source.  They conduct in-person searches at courthouses in all US jurisdictions, including territories. 

This search helps look beyond a candidate's residential history.  With just a name and date of birth, investigators are able to locate offenses across the country.  County Criminal Records Searches are the gold standard for any complete background check. Our team makes sure the information you receive is confirmed and reported in full compliance of the FCRA.

Statewide Criminal Record Searches

EBI conducts felony and misdemeanor searches of state criminal records at each applicable state central repository.  

Many states maintain a central criminal history record repository that receives case information contributed by law enforcement agencies, courts and corrections agencies throughout the state.  Information held within these repositories are made available to criminal justice personnel, and, in some states, non-criminal justice agencies that are authorized by law to obtain the records for purposes such as employment screening and occupational licensing.  EBI searches the applicable repository when statewide criminal searches are requested by the client.  

All statewide searches are not created equal; some states do not provide an accessible repository and many others only store limited information from reporting counties.  Surprisingly, some states do not maintain up-to-date and accurate information.  EBI will guide you in the proper use of statewide searches and provide additional information regarding the accuracy and timeliness of each. 


Federal Criminal Records

Federal Criminal offenses are crimes committed against the US government and therefore will not appear on searches on the state and county level. Embezzlement, bank robbery and interstate drug trafficking are just some of the offenses that fall under federal jurisdiction. EBI can search criminal filings in any of the nation’s 300 Federal District Courts. Searches of a single district or statewide repository can be performed. Utilizing EBI SMART screening Technology℠, federal criminal records can automatically be added from residences reported from the Social Security Number Trace.

National Criminal Record Database (NCRD)

EBI recommends this search as a tool for uncovering criminal offenses that occurred outside of the areas where the applicant has lived or not identified by the SSN Trace based on your search criteria.

EBI's National Criminal Record Database Search (NCRD) searches nearly one billion offense records in this instant, 50-state, multi-jurisdictional search.  The database is a compilation of criminal records, information from municipal, circuit, district and superior court repositories, as well as the Department of Corrections, the FBI, U.S. Marshal, U.S. Custom, the DEA, Secret Service and the Department of Justice.

Also Included in this search:

  • 50-state sex offender registry information
  • Healthcare Sanctions
  • Financial Sanctions
  • Terrorist watch lists
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control)

All potential records found from this search are automatically confirmed from the actual source to ensure accuracy and completeness to ensure FCRA reporting compliance (see FCRA 613 (a)(2)).

Sex Offenders

There are currently hundreds of thousands of registered sex offenders nationwide.  Under the legislation of Megan’s Law, sexual offenders are required to register when they change their residence.  

Multi-state Sex Offender Search: 
Our multi-state database is a collection of stored data from multiple state registries.  This search is included in EBI's NCRD search. All potential records found from this search are automatically confirmed from the actual source to ensure accuracy and completeness to ensure FCRA reporting compliance (see FCRA 614 (a)(2)).

Single State Sex Offender Search:
EBI’s single-state background check is conducted by accessing real-time information at the appropriate state agency.  


State and Federal Prison Inmate Searches

Search for prison inmates, prisoners, prison records and offender records at state correctional institutions, county jails and prisons as well as federal institutions.  Available as a Statewide or Federal Search.  

National wants and warrants

This nationwide search determines if the candidate has any outstanding and extraditable arrest wants and/or warrants. This report normally includes warrants issued for more serious felony offenses or outstanding county warrants that have been elevated to the nationwide level.

Global Homeland Security (OFAC)

EBI provides a search of more than 120 separate U.S. and foreign sanctions and watch lists to ensure compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act. With the threat of global terrorism and international crime at an all-time high, access to information tracked by a wide range of federal and international sources will aid in a complete and comprehensive background screening program.  

We access some of the most comprehensive sources for government watch, debarment and exclusionary lists.  Many federal regulations require a search of excluded party or person lists for proper compliance and further due diligence outside of the United States.

Here is a partial list of the government sources:

  • OFAC Specifically Designated Nationals (SDN) & Blocked Persons

  • OFAC Sanctioned Countries, including Major Cities & Ports

  • Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories

  • Department of State Trade Control (DTC) Debarred Parties

  • U.S Bureau of Industry & Security (formerly BXA)

  • Unverified Entities List, Denied Entities List and Denied Persons List

  • FBI Most Wanted Terrorists & Seeking Information

  • FBI Top Ten Most Wanted

  • INTERPOL Most Wanted List

  • Bank of England Sanctions List

  • OSFI – Canadian Sanctions List

  • United Nations Consolidated Sanctions List

  • Politically Exposed Persons List

  • European Union Terrorist List

  • World Bank Ineligible Firms

Driver Qualification Service

Know Who is Driving for You

Employees and volunteers driving on your behalf can pose a high risk to the organization.  EBI offers services to check driving records on a pre-hire and on-going basis.  By running MVR checks you identify driving violations and confirm the status and validity of the candidate’s license. We offer everything you need to keep your drivers on the road and compliant with DOT regulations, if necessary.

Motor Vehicle Records

Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS)

Mandated by the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act (CMVSA) of 1986, CDLIS supports the issuance of commercial driver licenses (CDLs) by the jurisdictions, and assists jurisdictions in meeting the goals of the basic tenet "that each driver, nationwide, have only one driver license and one record" through the cooperative exchange of commercial driver information between jurisdictions.

CDLIS allows employers and their agents to comply with FMCSA requirements ( § 391.21-391.27), by searching within the "Commercial Driver's License Information System" for any prior licenses, current CDL and up to three prior licenses held by said individual. 

Sample Report

Verification and Credentialing Services

Find the Candidate with the Right Credentials

EBI’s in-house, US-based Verification Specialists are trained to conduct employment, education and licensing verifications as well as professional reference interviews.  They also validate technical certificates, transcripts, GEDs and military service. Each report is designed with a side-by-side comparison of candidate's supplied information and source information.

Employment Verifications with Supervisor References

In addition to the standard verification questions, our specialists contact the applicant's prior supervisors and colleagues to uncover information pertinent to applicants’ work performance, punctuality, how they interacted with others, disciplinary actions taken against them and any incidents of theft or sexual harassment. Each report is designed with a side-by-side comparison of candidate's supplied information and source information.

An EBI Employment Verifications Specialist performs an in-depth, detailed and confidential verification of your candidate's employment. Each report is designed with a side-by-side comparison of candidate's supplied information and source information.

Sample Report

DOT - Regulated Employment Verifications


Under Federal and State Law, certain industries and specific positions require specific and unique employment verification requirements. EBI's SMART Technology knows all of these required specifications and asks the correct questions and collects the required documents from candidates to ensure compliance. EBI conducts DOT employment verifications in accordance with the federal Department of Transportation Guidelines, 49 c.f.r. section 40 and Parts 391.23(g)(1). Each report is designed with a side-by-side comparison of candidate's supplied information and source information.

Our SMART Screening Technology collects and stores the proper authorization forms necessary to complete the process. Candidates sign forms online using our Mouse Signature technology. Signed forms are stored within our system and are accessible as PDFs.

The DOT-compliant questionnaire and consent form are faxed to the candidate's employer for completion. The completed questionnaire is faxed back to EBI. Our SMART Technology then converts it into an easy-to-read format and places it within our screening report for quick access. A PDF version is also saved and easily accessible.

Sample Report

Education Verifications

An EBI Verifications Specialist contacts each educational institution to verify the candidate's supplied information, including attendance dates, Major, GPA and Degree. Each report is designed with a side-by-side comparison of candidate's supplied information and source information.

Sample Report




Licensing and Certification Verifications

Our licensing verification service reports on appropriate credentials for any type of professional license and notes any sanctions.  License verifications may include medical licensing, certified public accountants (CPA), attorney licensing, engineering and real estate to name a few.  This service will validate the following:

  • Records on validity and accuracy of applicant’s license

  • Disciplinary actions taken

  • Date of issue

    • Renewal and expiration dates

    • Status of license

    • Other information provided by an institution (information will vary on type of licensed under review)

Professional References

Reference interviews can reveal additional attributes of a candidate that traditional employment verification questions cannot.  EBI offers a wide range of interview questions to meet your individual needs.  EBI offers the following professional references:


An EBI Verifications Specialist conducts a basic interview with the colleagues provided by the candidate.  Here is a sample of basic interview questions:

  • How long have you known the applicant?

  • What is your relationship to the applicant?

  • What is your general opinion on the individual?

  • What has the applicant done to show good moral character?

  • What do you consider to be the applicant’s strong points?

  • In what areas do you feel that the applicant can improve?

  • If you had the opportunity to work with the applicant again, would you?  

Executive Extended:

An EBI Verifications Specialist conducts an in-depth interview with the colleagues provided by the candidate.  The questions are customized to meet the exact needs of the client.  Questions can also be designed to focus on specific skills.

Healthcare Sanctions Reports

It is against the law for any healthcare organization to employ people, or vendors, who have faced sanctions. According to guidelines published by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General. (OIG), your organization could face penalties ranging from fines to jail time if you hire a sanctioned individual while receiving federal funds.

With the EBI Healthcare Sanctions Report (HSR) your company can screen individuals and entities against a comprehensive historical database of more than 600,000 records. HSRs give you information from more than 800 sources on healthcare professionals from physicians and PA’s to pharmacists and home healthcare workers.

People and Entities Who Should Be Screened


Ambulance Companies 
Clinical Laboratories 
Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers 
Hearing Aid Fitters 
Home Care Providers 
Home Healthcare Companies And Affiliates 
Home Infusion Companies And Affiliates 

Insurance And Billing Companies 
Managed Care Organizations 
Medical Social Workers 
Medical Transportation Services 
Mental Health Counselors 
Occupational Therapists 
Optical Centers 
Pharmacist Technicians 
Physical Therapist Assistants 

Physical Therapists 
Physician Assistants 
Podiatrist Aides 
Registered Pharmacists 
Rehab Centers 
Respiratory Care Practitioners 
Respiratory Care Technicians 
Skilled Nursing Facilities 
Speech Pathologists 
X-Ray Clinics 

Healthcare Sanction Products

Level One

Search OIG/GSA and other federal sources including FDA debarments, DEA restrictions and TRICARE (military actions).  

Meet minimum federal requirements as outlined in the OIG’s Compliance Program Guidance.  Ideal for low-risk employees and contractors not involved with patient care.

Level One M

Level One-M includes all of Level One plus state-level FHEP-related data. This includes information such as state offices of the Medicaid Inspector General or equivalent (28 states), state-level Attorney General News, Medicaid task force (“HEAT”) content and any state-level contractor or procurement debarment data. A FACIS Level 1M search is now considered the minimal “best practice” due to recent changes in the federal guidelines and under some states regulatory schemes.

Level Two

In addition to everything Level One, you get a check of statewide sanctions in one state.  This meets minimum federal requirements and provides limited state-licensure protection (one state only).  Level Two is ideal for moderate-risk employees and contractors such as administrators.

Level Three

In addition to all of the services listed above, you get a check of statewide sanctions in all fifty states.  This exceeds minimum federal requirements and offers much broader business risk management for existing employees, vendors and contractors.  Ideal for high-risk individuals and contractors — anyone directly involved in patient care or with direct access to patients, such as physicians, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, specialized contractors, etc.

International Background Checks

A World of Expertise  

Make your international hiring more efficient without sacrificing quality and security.  EBI offers a full suite of legally compliant certified background checks in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. We also specialize in compliance consulting, best practice design and enhanced due diligence services.

Criminal Searches

The jurisdiction and search method depend on the individual country or area being searched. Criminal record searches are only performed when/where it is our understanding that a third party may permissibly access records in the host country. A Criminal Conviction Database Search can be performed where court records may not be searched “directly.” EBI provides a unique added value of authenticity by supplying actual court documentation of records, information directly from the governing authority, where available.

Employment Verification

This service provides verification of one former employer’s name and location, contact information for the employer’s HR department, supervisor’s name and department, dates of employment and job titles.  Rate of pay, reason for leaving, and eligibility of rehire are provided when available.   Our Extended Verification consists of a six-question interview with one past supervisor or professional reference and includes a line of questioning in respect to the overall performance and reliability of the candidate. Interviews are typically conducted in local language and translated into English for ease of review.

Education Verification

The increased popularity of distance learning, combined with the reality of diploma mills and accreditation mills, has made it difficult for employers to determine fact from fiction when it comes to degrees and the legitimacy of institutions issuing them. EBI has the solution for this growing global issue, and will confirm that your candidate has the educational credentials to perform the job. EBI verifies the focus of study, dates of attendance, date of graduation and degree received.

Civil Litigation Searches

EBI can provide a local search that reports civil suits, bankruptcies, tax liens and other judgments. Not all countries have a system to report civil litigation, but manual searches are performed where the records are available.

Credit Searches

International consumer credit reports vary from country to country and generally include a listing of creditors and available credit limits. Some countries may include residency verification, public records, bankruptcies, civil court judgments and electoral registry.

Driving Records

Based upon the country of issuance, this check may include validation of license, status, class, and expiration date, as well as violations and accidents on record. This check is done through the issuing agency and covers varying periods of time depending on the country.

Financial Regulatory Searches

Searches include Global Sanctions and Enforcement Checks, Prohibited Parties Check and Government Services Agency Exclusion List.

Professional License Verification

Verification of professional licensing information is conducted through the host country’s regulatory agency. You get a report detailing license type and status, pending or past disciplinary action, and dates of validity.

Professional Reference

Verification of professional licensing information is conducted through host country regulatory agency, providing a report detailing license type and status, pending or past disciplinary action, and dates of validity.

Infinity Screening

Just because your new hire starts the job with a clean record, doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

There is nothing like Pre-Employment Screening to help create a safe environment for your employees and your customers, but your due diligence lasts long after a candidate signs on the dotted line. EBI’s post hire monitoring program, Risk Monitor™, makes sure employees continue to uphold your high standards the whole time they are on your payroll.

Enrolled employees are monitored on an on-going basis, informing employers about pre-defined alerts like: new criminal record information, changes in existing records, new arrests, healthcare sanctions, sex offenses and other fully modular and customized products and service offerings.  We provide the information you want and your organization needs.

Even the largest employers can manage on-going record checks with very little effort.  Having the most current information reduces your risk in several ways and allows you to make pro-active decisions instead of reacting to a crisis. Risk Monitor empowers employers to proactively identify factors that increase their risk to negligent retention claims, workplace violence, loss due to internal shrinkage and public embarrassment through negative publicity. 

Risk Monitor Solutions include: EBI's NCRD, Healthcare Sanctions, OFAC, Sex-offender as well as many other powerful business intelligence and risk mitigation products.

Let us show you how Risk Monitor can give you that extra piece of mind.