Certified Background Screening Services

Fast. Accurate. Compliant.

Screening Results You Can Trust

We believe employment background screening is not something you can buy off the shelf. It’s a craft, perfected through experience, technology and skill, designed specifically for each organization’s goals and objectives.

EBI’s special brand of background screening employs EBI SMART screening Technology℠ to ensure all possible results are found, even if you don’t know a candidate’s full name, nicknames, aliases, date of birth and former residences. With EBI’s Smart Logic Tools guiding the process, each name can instantly be compared to nearly a billion criminal records in our system. With strict ISO policies, procedures and protocols, every background check is performed consistently, thoroughly and in an unbiased manner.

EBI’s screening solutions link strategy and action to process performance. This is why the Fortune 500, global organizations and companies of all sizes choose EBI to manage today’s technology innovations and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.