Screening News Weekly Wrap: April 17th, 2020

Screening News Weekly Wrap: April 17th, 2020

By Jennifer Gladstone

The weeks keep going by as the country struggles to figure out how to make things ‘business as usual’ – when life is anything but during this coronavirus pandemic.

Our EBI Screening News Weekly Wrap has details.

Supreme Court Working Around COVID-19

Even things that seem set in stone are evolving. Institutions that are usually unflappable, like the Supreme Court, are having to adjust and adapt. For the first time in its history, the Supreme Court will use teleconferencing to hear oral arguments.

Cases originally scheduled for March and April were postponed because of COVID-19. Ten are now expected to be heard over six days in May.

While you might be comfortable with teleconferencing, this is a huge change for the nation’s highest court. For years, Justices have refused to allow any audio of the arguments to be shared outside, and cameras are still not permitted. Very few people are even allowed to witness the arguments in person, so the fact that a live feed of the proceedings will be available to news outlets is a seismic change for the Court.

Court watchers are excited to see how this more public version works, saying if things go well, they suspect live audio could become a permanent feature.

Cracking Down on COVID-19 Scams

We knew it was going to happen. Somehow, someway, people were going to take advantage of this crisis.

Scams have been popping up across the country. Some are email come-ons “selling” masks and disinfectants that don’t really exist. Others are more insidious – hawking fake coronavirus cures or investment opportunities, and phishing attempts to steal credit card numbers and other Personally Identifiable Information – or PII.

State governments are wising up quickly. In Georgia, for example, the governor, attorney general and federal prosecutors have formed a new Coronavirus Fraud Task Force. The Texas attorney general partnered with the Federal Trade Commission to shut down a medi-spa that was claiming its vitamin C infusions would prevent and cure COVID-19.

When it comes to the growing problem of phishing, it’s going to take more of an “all hands on deck” mentality to beat scammers at their own game. The more your team knows, the safer your entire company will be.

A screening company, like EBI, is actually a great example of how to create a multi-pronged approach to information security. EBI handles an incredible amount of PII on a daily basis, and we use an array of tools to make sure that data is safe and secure. Some of those tools include ISO standards, Privacy Shield, and a rigorous email screening platform.

EBI has also worked very hard to make sure every employee knows exactly how to spot phishing. The training is ongoing and has even continued during COVID-19. One of the top tips is to never trust unsolicited emails or phone calls. Just because someone claims to work for a company you know, doesn’t mean they are who they say they are. Before giving out any information you should always independently verify the request. That could mean going independently to their website (do not click on links in an emai) or picking up the phone to confirm.

We all need to err on the side of caution because identity theft is the last thing anyone wants to be dealing with right now!

New Form I-9

We have one housekeeping note. Remember that all employers must switch to the new version of the Form I-9 by May 1st. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offices are temporarily closed because of COVID-19, but if you are hiring, you still need to do those I-9s and the new form is mandatory.

You can find the new form here.

There are also some rules and regulations regarding the Form I-9 that are being relaxed during this time. Check out our COVID-19 HR Resources Page for more information.

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Jennifer Gladstone

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