Screening News Update: Thieving CFO, Criminal Pharmacist, and Amusement Park Settlement

Screening News Update: Thieving CFO, Criminal Pharmacist, and Amusement Park Settlement

By Jennifer Gladstone

A CFO stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from employers but kept getting new jobs, a pharmacist admits to sabotaging vaccine doses, and an amusement park settles a fight over fingerprints. We have all the details in today’s EBI Screening News Update.

Thieving CFO Finally Caught

It might seem strange these days, but there are still some employers who hire without conducting background checks. For lower-level positions, maybe, but for your Chief Financial Officer?

Three separate North Carolina companies hired Lisa Buza Hill to manage their money – and she stole from them all!

In 2012 Hill was convicted of federal wire fraud after she admitted to stealing more than $800,000 from a motorcycle manufacturer. While she was paying back those stolen funds, she wrote 15 checks to herself from her new employer’s accounts.

As she awaited criminal charges for the fraudulent checks, Hill somehow got hired as the CFO for a third company. She embezzled $550,000 from them.

Hill recently pleaded guilty and is in federal custody.

The moral of the story? Anyone who will have access to your financial information, or any other sensitive information, should undergo a thorough background check before being given the keys to the kingdom.

Pharmacist Doing Time

A Wisconsin pharmacist has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for trying to ruin 500 doses of the COVID vaccine.

Last December 24th and 25th, Steven Brandenburg removed vials of the Moderna vaccine from a hospital refrigerator. On one day, they sat out for 3 hours, on the next, for 9 hours. Then, the pharmacist returned the vaccines to the fridge to be used the next day.

Brandenburg was caught, and most of the doses were thrown away, but 57 people still got shots from the bad vials. Most of those people were Brandenburg’s co-workers.

The pharmacist is a self-admitted conspiracy theorist and was publicly skeptical about vaccines. According to his attorney, the stress of being a healthcare worker during the pandemic, along with his wife filing for divorce, sent him “reeling.” He was fired and pleaded guilty to two felony counts of attempting to tamper with a consumer product.

Six Flags Settles Class Action

If you visited Six Flags Great America in Illinois and had your fingers scanned, you could soon have another $200 in your pocket. The park settled a class-action lawsuit that claimed collecting those fingerprints from 2013 to 2018 violated the state’s Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA).

The BIPA prohibits private companies from collecting, or otherwise acquiring, people’s biometric information without first providing notice in writing and getting their written permission. Six Flags claims they notified season pass holders, but it is unclear if those were the only visitors who were asked to use the scanners.

The park ended up settling the case for $36 million.

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