Screening News Update: Drugged Truck Drivers | Additional Testing for Non-Citizen Enlistees | Permanent E-Verify?

Screening News Update: Drugged Truck Drivers | Additional Testing for Non-Citizen Enlistees | Permanent E-Verify?

By Jennifer Gladstone

  • Trucking Study Shows Terrifying Drug Statistics
  • Appeals Court Reinstates Additional Non-Citizen Screening
  • Permanent E-Verify?

Trucking Study Shows Terrifying Drug Statistics

A first-of-its-kind study by the Alliance of Driver Safety & Security shows “compelling evidence” that thousands of habitual drug users are behind the wheel of big-rigs all across the country. Members of the Trucking Alliance testified to Congress that this illegal drug use among commercial truck drivers is the number one safety issue facing their industry, they also presented a study comparing pre-employment drug testing done through urinalysis and hair testing, which found the federally mandated urinalysis missed 9 out of 10 illicit drug users. Even though the DOT only requires truck drivers to pass a urinalysis, many employers are adding hair testing for their own peace of mind. Members of the Alliance say their statistics show that as many as 300,000 drivers who are on the road right now would fail the more stringent drug test. They asked Congress to urge the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to finish creating guidelines for industry-wide hair testing so it can be utilized for pre-employment and random drug testing as soon as possible.

Appeals Court Reinstates Additional Non-Citizen Screening

A federal appeals court is allowing the Department of Defense (DOD) to reinstate more stringent background checks for non-citizens who enlist in the armed forces. All enlistees go through a background check before being sent to basic training, but in 2017 the DOD added additional screening for green-card holders. According to the Washington Post, this has caused many recruits to wait nearly a year before reporting for service, that’s compared to 168 days on average for US citizens going through the same process. A 2018 court ruling out of California put an injunction on the additional requirements and forced the military to send non-citizen recruits to training without the completed check. That ruling has now been overturned.

Permanent E-Verify?

Did you know that the E-Verify program is set to expire on September 30, 2019? The way the law is written, Congress must repeatedly act to extend the program. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) introduced legislation that would finally make E-Verify permanent. The Permanent E-Verify Act is just one page long. Romney says the bill removes the termination provision and will hopefully get the nation closer to making E-Verify mandatory for all employers nationwide.


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