How Can You Support the Well-Being of your Organization and your Employees Through COVID-19?
How Can You Support the Well-Being of your Organization and your Employees Through COVID-19?

On Demand Webinar

The Details

Duration: 30 minutes

Presented By: EBI & Quentelle

Recorded from the live presentation on 5/14/20.

Learn How To:

  • Help your employees expedite the process of verifying their employment and income
  • Remove an administrative “headache” by automating and outsourcing
  • Get access to robust and intuitive HR Analytics reporting and dashboards
  • Apply for tax credits available to your organization through the CARES Act
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Even in normal circumstances, HR and Payroll teams can spend countless hours responding to Verification of Employment (VOE) and income requests for employees trying to secure credit and mortgages. Current conditions have exacerbated the situation. More employees are applying for credit to reduce their current spend or subsidize loss of income, while at the same time, some internal HR and Payroll resources have been eliminated or have been focused on COVID-19 specific initiatives.

As a result of the CARES Act, new tax credits have been implemented to support organizations as they maintain their workforce and bring them back into the workplace.

EBI and our partners at Quentelle can help alleviate the burden of managing VOE and income requests, as well as help you apply for tax credits you may not know are available. Watch this 30-minute webinar recording to learn more about VOE automation and its analytics capabilities, as well as to gain insight into the tax credits your organization can engage.

About the Presenters:

Brian DeVido

Brian DeVido is National Director, Business Development, at Walton Management Services. He has spent the last 18 years consulting with HR clients of all sizes on ways to improve their bottom line and leverage technology to achieve their goals. Quentelle serves as Walton’s innovative labs, handling all of Walton’s technology development and IT security infrastructure.

Jennifer Gladstone

As Editor-in-Chief of the Screening News Network, Jennifer keeps EBI’s customers and blog subscribers up-to-date on the latest screening news and legislative alerts affecting companies of all sizes.