What Being the BEST Means at EBI

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What Being the BEST Means at EBI

We've shared a series of posts explaining how EBI sets the quality standard in the background screening industry by using five measurable pillars of excellence. And we encouraged you to ask your screener 10 questions to find out if they are providing you the same commitment (part one, part two).

But how does EBI’s dedication to quality and compliance make your job easier? We spoke with Larry White, Chief Operating Officer and President of EBI, to see the process in action.


Quality is not something that just happens at EBI. We define it. We monitor it. We measure it. This is our way of demonstrating to our clients, and ourselves, we deliver a WOW Experience year after year.

For 25 years, EBI has provided consistently award-winning solutions and support driven by focusing on our clients’ needs and delivering background screening services that enhance your entire user experience.

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