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When the Boss is a Bully

Workplace Violence

Workplace bullies not only make your time on the job miserable, but new studies show this behavior can also be toxic to your life and relationships outside of work.

According to data from the Workplace Bullying Institute, more than a third of American workers claim they have been victimized. Research also shows that the targets of bullying can even suffer from post-traumatic stress.

Are YOU a Workplace Bully?

Workplace Violence

Over the last few months we have been discussing the prevalence of bullies in the workplace. We’ve talked about identifying bullying behavior and what to do if you are a witness or the target. If you have been reading our articles and thinking you’ve never experienced anything like this… or you think the whole issue is ridiculous… you might need to take a serious look at yourself to see if just maybe- you could be the bully.  

You’ve Witnessed Bullying in the Workplace - Now What?

Workplace Violence

What would you do if you saw a speeding, lifted, diesel, bright orange eight-wheeler truck crash into a little electric car sitting motionless at a red light?

At first glance you’re probably thinking you’d call 911. Of course you would, you’re a decent human being and would want to ensure both drivers are safe. Unfortunately you’d be wrong in your answer.

How To Fight Back Against Cyberbullies

Workplace Violence

In 2011, I was in a terrible accident. Without going into too much detail, my dog and a city trolley were involved. The local news stations covered the story and posted their news clips on their websites. It wasn’t long before the comments section was full of a hateful string of nastiness. People said I was too stupid to own a dog and it should be taken away from me. They said I should be dragged into the street and shot for being so dumb. They said they wished I hadn’t survived that accident because people as idiotic as me shouldn’t be walking the streets of our fine city.

The Latest Workplace Violence Resources for Employers

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The October publication of the Workplace Violence Prevention eReport was just released from the National Institution for the Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc.  The publication includes several reports of workplace violence incidents and includes education resources to better prepare employers and the public in case of an unthinkable act of violence in the workplace. 

Background Screening May Help Prevent Workplace Violence

Background Checks, Employment Background Investigations, Workplace Violence

Workplace homicides have increased by 50% in 2012, according to Dr. Larry Barton, Ph.D., an expert in threat management and a faculty member at the FBI Academy (Bailey, 2013). Barton calculates that on average, two people are murdered at work each workday in the United States (Bailey, 2013). According to a Bureau of Justice Statistics report, current and former work associates accounted for 21% of workplace homicide offenders between 2005 and 2009 (Harrell, 2011). Between 2005 and 2009, individuals employed in sales and office jobs accounted for a staggering 33% of workplace homicides, ranking higher than law enforcement workplace homicides at 17% (Harrell, 2011).

Release of Workplace Violence Prevention Standard Is Timely for Penn State Tragedy

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The recent events of the horrific Penn State child sex abuse allegations remind us all that workplace violence can strike at any time and place, and can involve individuals that you would never suspect.  Although none of us can ultimately eliminate all tragedies such as this, organizations can take a pro-active stance through education and awareness, along with incorporating a solid Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Program to minimize such risk.  Depending on the severity and nature of the incident, acts of workplace violence can scar individuals both mentally and physically; create negative publicity and brand defamation; increase lawsuits and settlement costs; add to the loss of production and sales; increase absenteeism; increase workers compensation and medical claims.  There is no positive outcome of such an event, except to embrace the opportunity for greater awareness and prevention.

Studies Reveal That Over Half Of Employers Experience Workplace Violence In Both The United States and New Zealand

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According to The National Institute For Prevention Of Workplace Violence, Inc., workplace violence is defined as “Acts of aggression or violence, that occur in, or are related to the workplace, whether intentional or reckless, including assaults, threats, disruptive, aggressive, hostile or verbal or emotionally abusive behaviors that generate fear for one’s safety or entails a perceived risk of harm to individuals, or damage to an organization’s resources or capabilities.”   Depending on the severity and nature of the incident; acts of workplace violence can add to lost productivity and materials, lost sales, higher absenteeism, increased workers compensation and medical claims, increased lawsuits and settlement costs, negative publicity, etc.  Statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) estimate the yearly cost to U.S. employers is over $121 billion per year.