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Preserving the Customer Experience Through Partnerships [Video]

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Customer Service is the heart and soul of our work here at EBI. Everything we do is aimed at making sure we give our customers a great product that is easy to use and staffed with knowledgeable, helpful people all along the way. But we can’t do all of that alone! We depend on some amazing partnerships to make the magic happen.

At last year's annual SHRM conference, The Screening News Network was able to catch up with some of the leading talent acquisition providers -- who also happen to be some of our wonderful partners. Here is what they had to say about the importance of building these essential relationships.

Top Background Screening Issues Discussed at NAPBS17 [Video + Transcript]

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Every year, hundreds of laws are passed that affect the background screening industry, which  in turn, affect all of the employers across the country who use those searches. The National Association of Background Screeners (NAPBS) works hard to keep up with every piece of legislations. It takes a small army to do so, and every year, that army heads to Capitol Hill to make a difference.

Behind the Screen Part 4: Why Background Screening is a Necessity -- Not a Luxury [Video + Transcript]

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The Sue Weaver Story

We hope you have enjoyed our Behind the Screen series. We decided to pull back the curtain to show you how and why screeners do what we do. Screening has become a business necessity. If you hire people -- especially people who will have contact with the public -- thorough background screening has the potential to not only save your business, but it can honestly save lives.

In this final piece, we’d like to introduce you to Sue Weaver… a mother, a sister and a trusting customer who might still be with us today if an employer had conducted a simple background check. 

Legislative Alert - Friday, March 10th, 2017: Our 100th Edition! [Video + Transcript]

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Welcome to EBI’s 100th Screening News Update!  Over the last three years our team has worked hard to bring you the latest information on pre-employment screening. We’ve interviewed some of the biggest industry movers and shakers. We’ve travelled from DC to Las Vegas and California. We’ve had a little fun, and had our fair share of bloopers! But through it all, our one and only goal is to keep you informed in this rapidly changing world of background screening and drug testing.  We hope you will continue to tune in and share our broadcasts with friends and colleagues. And with that, let’s get to this week’s news!

  • Driver’s Licenses Going Digital
  • Random Drug Testing For State Troopers?
  • An Upstate New York County Bans the Box
  • Last Chance to Save E-Verify Records