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The 7 Facets of Employee Engagement


I'm a subject matter expert on the topic of workplace bullying, and that means being an expert in everything opposite of workplace bullying. I eradicate workplace bullying for my clients by helping them replace bullying with a positive workplace culture and engaged employees. When employees are engaged, when you have a positive workplace, then you do not have workplace bullying.

Taking a Relationship Pulse Check


Forgetting to water a plant is a common occurrence in my house.  I do try to pay attention, but the results are not pretty… plants very quickly (well it feels quickly to me) start to droop, wilt and then the petals drop off.  This is not a good place to be.

As I am discarding the old plant there is always a good reason (aka excuse) for the neglect…

"I was on holiday"

"I didn't realize you have to water cacti" (you do)

"I was busy and just didn't see the plant wilting"

“I thought you were taking care of it”

In my work with leaders and companies I find the same situation happens at work. We forget to pay attention to the important things, like cultivating effective relationships with our colleagues and our workplace connections will wilt. While this may not be reflected in fallen petals it does become apparent in missed deadlines, tense meetings and interactions, or not being available when needed. Ultimately performance suffers, for us and for them.

13 Unconventional Ideas to Create a Great Place to Work


I’ve been researching the topic of creating great places to work for a decade, and along the way I’ve gleaned thousands of ideas on how to do that. If there’s one thing I know, creating a great place to work takes focus and action.

But what kinds of actions? What actions can you be implementing that would result in a great place to work?

Well, great places to work often do things that are very unconventional. The action items they implement to be great are out there, but they work. I thought I’d share some of the best ideas I’ve come across along the way.

Is Your Hair on Fire? Here's Why...and What You Can Do About It



We’ve all felt it. A meeting spinning out of control, a work relationship taking a turn for the worse or just a day where everything seems to be a struggle. There are things you can do to not only get things back on track, but to keep them from falling off the rails in the first place. Check out the video below to meet Morag Barrett, founder and CEO of SkyeTeam, and the host of our upcoming SHRM/HCRI eligible webinar, How to Keep Your Head when Your Hair is on Fire! 

Emotional Intelligence: Have you lost it? [Upcoming Webinar]



We have a guest blogger today! Our friends at SkyeTeam are working with us to produce our next webinar called “How to Keep Your Head when Your Hair is on Fire.” Today, we would like to introduce you to Morag Barrett, a best-selling author and the founder and CEO of SkyeTeam, an international HR consulting and leadership development company. In today’s blog, Morag introduces us to a concept that will help us all keep our heads. We hope you enjoy it!