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There is a lot flying around these days about immigration, and if we are honest, most of it tends to be negative. What do we do about people coming into the country illegally? Do we accept refugees? These are all hard questions. But plenty of immigrants settle here with all of the proper documents and become a part of the fabric that is America. Many have come over for school and find themselves in booming careers. But what happens if you help create a successful start-up and then your visa expires?  

Fake University Degrees Rampant in India

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Fake degrees are rattling the foundation of Mumbai University, one of the oldest universities in India. Earlier this year a vendor was literally stationed outside of the campus supplying people with fake degrees. While shocking, that vendor was not the only one supplying the bogus certificates. Over the last three and a half school years, more than 900 fake MU degrees have been discovered through pre-employment verifications.

Legislative Alert - USCIS Issues New Form I-9

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services released a new Form I-9 on March 08, 2013. Employers who require additional implementation time for use of the new Form I-9 may use the old Form I-9 until May 07, 2013. However, after May 07, 2013, all employers must use the new Form I-9, which is marked with the revision date of (Rev. 03/08/13)N in the lower right-hand portion of the form. 

EBI to Present at NHRMA 2012 Conference and Tradeshow in Anchorage Alaska

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Employment Background Investigations, Inc (EBI) Chief Knowledge Officer, Robert Capwell, will present an education session at the 2012 Northwest Human Resource Management Association (NHRMA) Conference in Anchorage, Alaska on Tuesday, October 2nd titled - Overcoming the Challenges of International Background Screening.

The Overwhelming Need For International Background Checks Continues To Grow In The United States

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As immigration trends in the United States continue to grow, so will the need for employers to conduct international background checks.  For U.S. employers, the need to conduct background checks on individuals that are foreign-born or have spent a considerable amount of time abroad continues to be a hot topic and a growing trend in the United States.  Employers need to be vigilant in hiring individuals that are eligible to work in the U.S., along with the required skills and experience to support corporate demands.  In addition, one of the compelling factors to conduct background checks on all applicants is to help ensure that a candidate does not bring unnecessary security or safety risks into the workplace in regards to potential fraud, theft, and acts of workplace violence or even terrorism.  Employers realizing the overwhelming benefits of conducting background checks coupled with record U.S. immigration trends bring a renewed focus on international screening.  Here are a few immigration statistics to consider: 

Global Retail Theft Study Reveals Employee Theft Totals $41.65 Billion in Total Shrinkage

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The fifth edition of the Global Retail Theft Barometer has just been published by the Centre for Retail Research and reveals a 6.6% increase over previous years in overall retail shrinkage and hit its highest mark since 2007.  The study attributes shoplifting, employee theft, supplier fraud, administrative errors and organized retail crime as the combined cause of $119 billion in total global retail shrinkage for 2011 as reported from 43 countries.  This staggering number equates to over 1.45% of total sales as compared to last year’s study of 1.36%.  The United States rounded out the top ten of highest reporting countries at 1.59% of total loss.

The Challenges And Solutions For A Successful International Background Screening Program

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International Background Screening brings forth a unique set of issues and challenges that makes it very different from what has become standard practice for background screening here in the United States.  It is important that these differences are clearly understood before an international screening program is designed and implemented for clients that wish to screen outside of the US.