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Every year EBI asks our valued clients how we are doing when it comes to Customer Service. We ask about everything from our staff’s performance to our services and technology. Customer Service is EBI’s top priority, so we take these results very seriously. Now that this year’s numbers have been crunched, we thought you might like to see where we stand.

We are proud to announce our Overall Customer Satisfaction is 97%!

EBI Secures NAPBS Re-Accreditation

EBI Screening News Network

If you are looking for a little help with your background screening and you hit up the internet, you are going to get all kinds of results. You’ll find giant firms that span the globe all the way down to the fly-by-night, quickie online search services.

How is it possible to know which company is right for you?

The very first thing you should be looking for, regardless of how big or small your needs are, is NAPBS accreditation. This is kind of like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval… but it means so much more.

Customers Rank EBI as a Top Provider... Again!

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As we watch another year come to an end, we truly hope that our readers have found the content of our blog and the Screening News Network helpful, educational and entertaining. We try not to spend too much time talking about ourselves here. That is not our mission. But once in a while we have some news that is worth shouting from the rooftops.