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Behind the Screen Part 4: Why Background Screening is a Necessity -- Not a Luxury [Video + Transcript]

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The Sue Weaver Story

We hope you have enjoyed our Behind the Screen series. We decided to pull back the curtain to show you how and why screeners do what we do. Screening has become a business necessity. If you hire people -- especially people who will have contact with the public -- thorough background screening has the potential to not only save your business, but it can honestly save lives.

In this final piece, we’d like to introduce you to Sue Weaver… a mother, a sister and a trusting customer who might still be with us today if an employer had conducted a simple background check. 

Behind the Screen Part 3 – Compliance in Background Screening: What is it, and Why Should I care?

Background Checks, Behind the Screen


You already know about legal compliance in your industry. Healthcare companies know HIPAA, banking and financial services companies know DODD-FRANK and FINRA, energy companies know FERC, trucking companies know DOT and FMCSA, and the list goes on … and on.

You probably don’t know a lot, though, about legal compliance in background screening.  

But you should.

Background screening applies to every industry and every employer, and it’s in your best interest to make sure you’re doing it in accordance with laws and regulations.

Behind the Screen Part 2 - The 9 Questions to Ask Your Screener About Information Security

Background Checks, Behind the Screen


The handling and storing of data might sound like a dry, IT topic, but in this day and age of rampant identity theft, job applicants depend on employers protecting their information.

This is no simple task.

Every day, background screeners process thousands of pieces of data. Most of it is extremely sensitive information like candidates’ names, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth, employment history, education, motor vehicle records, credit and criminal history, and even drug testing results. Employers need to be sure that their screening partner does everything in its power to protect candidate data. 

Behind the Screen Part 1 - Background Check Accuracy is No Laughing Matter

Background Checks, Behind the Screen


We have decided to pull back the curtain and show you what really makes a good pre-employment background check. Today, we begin a four part series by showing you how solid background screening companies make sure the information you receive is accurate.

We hope this peek behind the curtain answers questions you might have about the process. Enjoy!