Screening News Update: Medical Marijuana Stalls in OH | SEPTA Suit Continues | MI Bans the Box [Video]

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Screening News Update: Medical Marijuana Stalls in OH | SEPTA Suit Continues | MI Bans the Box [Video]

  • Ohio Misses Marijuana Deadline
  • SEPTA Suit Goes Forward
  • New Ban the Box Executive Order


Ohio Misses Marijuana Deadline

Legalizing medical marijuana has been easier said than done in Ohio. The deadline for rolling out the program was last week, but there doesn’t seem to be an official start date in sight. While the state has been certifying doctors, labs and dispensaries, there are communities across the state that are banning medical marijuana with their own local legislation. This has forced some businesses to change their plans right in the middle of the process. Some patients are getting impatient because they have no idea when they will be able to access their medication. While Governor John Kasich did sign the bill in 2016, he made it clear he did not support the effort to legalize the drug in any way. But his office rejects the idea that they missed the September 8th deadline. A spokesman insists the regulatory system was up and running in time. But critics say what matters is that the dispensaries and patient registry are still not ready. There is no word on when the first legal sales will happen.

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SEPTA Suit Goes Forward

The Third Circuit ruled that a group of SEPTA employees do have standing to sue their employer for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority is the 6th largest public transportation system in the country. In 2016 a class action suit was filed accusing SEPTA of routinely using criminal history records to disqualify job applicants without giving candidates the chance to review the report and dispute inaccurate information. Not only is that a violation of the FCRA and the Pennsylvania Criminal History Record Information Act, but plaintiffs claim it causes disparate impact that hurts minority applicants.


New Ban the Box Executive Order

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed an executive order earlier this week to ban the box on all state job applications. As of October 1st, all state departments will be banned from having candidates disclose their criminal history on the application. A background check could still be conducted later in the hiring process. Those applying for licenses in skilled trades will not be asked to check a box about convictions either, rather they will be asked to discuss how they were rehabilitated from any former offenses. Governor Snyder calls this “smart justice,” and he hopes the new state policies will soon be mirrored in the private sector.

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