Screening News Update: Identity Mix-Up | MD Marijuana Sales Soar | Drug Dogs Forced Out [Video]

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Screening News Update: Identity Mix-Up | MD Marijuana Sales Soar | Drug Dogs Forced Out [Video]

  • Innocent Man Confused with Violent Criminal
  • Marijuana Sales Stun One State
  • Drug Dogs Losing their Jobs
  • Exciting News!

Innocent Man Confused with Violent Criminal

A single letter is ruining a young man’s life. Arion Ford is a college graduate who has never even had a speeding ticket, but he's been unable to keep a job because of a man named Arieon Ford. This Arieon has an extra “E” in the spelling of his name. "Extra E" Arieon is serving a life sentence for shooting a grandfather in a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in 2015. When his info was entered into the St. Louis county records, that extra "E" was accidentally removed. Now, every time the young graduate gets a job offer, he loses it when his background check comes back with a conviction for murder. Even though the two men have different Social Security Numbers and different birthdays, and the court has admitted to the mistake, the message was not getting to the employers. If the large background screening company that did the checks would have looked at identifiers other than just the name, or if a proper adverse action process was in place, Mr. Ford might have never had a problem in the first place. Ford went to court but still couldn’t get the issue fixed. It took a local TV station calling the county and the screener to get the corrections made.

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Marijuana Sales Stun One State

Medical marijuana legally went on sale in Maryland last December. Economists predicted they would sell $46 million in the first year. Now, it looks like that number will be more than doubled. In just the first 9 months, data shows $67 million in sales. By the end of the year that number is expected to hit $100 million. Now the state is trying to figure out how to prevent huge, well-financed companies from buying up licenses and monopolizing the market.


Drug Dogs Losing their Jobs

All of this legalization of marijuana is having an unintended consequence for many of America’s highly trained drug dogs. The dogs are trained to respond the same way whether they smell marijuana or any other narcotic. Since pot is no longer illegal in many places, human officers no can no longer claim they have probable cause for a search because of the dog’s alarm. Many of the canine officers are being forced into early retirement. Some younger dogs are not being taught to find marijuana at all to avoid this issue in the future.


Exciting News!

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