Screening News Update: Expunging Pot Crimes | Jersey Legalizing? | Atlanta Bans Salary Question [Video]

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Screening News Update: Expunging Pot Crimes | Jersey Legalizing? | Atlanta Bans Salary Question [Video]

  • Marijuana Convictions to be Wiped Out
  • New Jersey “Going Green”
  • Salary History Ban in Atlanta


Marijuana Convictions to be Wiped Out

A lot of folks with marijuana convictions in the San Francisco area are about to get a clean slate. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón announced his office will wipe out more than 9,000 marijuana-related convictions that are on the city’s books. California legalized marijuana two years ago. Last year Gascón teamed up with Code for America to use technology to find every case that would be eligible for expungement or resentencing under the new law. The cases, some of which date back to 1975, will be presented to a judge in the coming weeks. Without this effort, individuals would have had to hire an attorney and work through a complicated and time-consuming process. Only 23 people have come forward to do just that since the drug was legalized.

New Jersey “Going Green”

The latest state to tackle all-out legalization of marijuana is about as far away from California as you can get in the continental US! New Jersey’s governor and state lawmakers say they have reached an agreement that will allow them to regulate and tax the drug, so it can be available for adult recreational use. Senate Bill 2703 has not been signed into law yet because it is not completely finished. There is still some negotiating to do about the taxes that will be collected. Even if the governor does sign it, the drug will not be available for legal sale until at least January of 2020.

Salary History Ban in Atlanta

Atlanta’s mayor has decided the city will no longer ask job applicants about their previous salaries. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms banned the question in an effort to stop people from getting trapped in an “unfair earnings cycle” based on their history rather than getting compensated based on their skill set. This is not the first effort being made to improve the people’s chance of getting hired; five years ago, the city ‘banned the box’ on all job applications.

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