Screening News Update: Ban the Box Bill Dead | NYC Backlog Continues | Theater Lies Split Small Town [Video]

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Screening News Update: Ban the Box Bill Dead | NYC Backlog Continues | Theater Lies Split Small Town [Video]

  • Ban the Box Bill Dead
  • Massive Backlog in NYC Continues
  • Fake Degree Has Small Town Theater Fans Torn


Ban the Box Bill Dead

Usually when we talk about a new Ban the Box law, we are reporting that it has passed. Today, it’s just the opposite. The Chairman of the Arizona House Judiciary Committee is refusing to schedule a hearing on a bill that would make it illegal for private sector employers to ask about criminal history before interviewing an applicant or giving a conditional job offer. That bill passed in the State Senate, but Representative John Allen, the Committee Chairman, says it is unconstitutional to tell private companies what they can and cannot ask job applicants. He says he expects the courts would strike it down if it ever became law. Arizona has banned the box for all government hires since 2017.

Massive Backlog in NYC Continues

When I heard this next bit of news, I thought it sounded very familiar. There is a good reason for that. Exactly a year ago this week, I brought you a story about a huge backlog in New York City’s employment background screening program. At this time last year, there were more than 6,000 city employees who were on the job without having their background checks completed. Now, a full year later, the New York Post is reporting that there are now 6,300 employees waiting for their checks to be completed. Almost 2,000 of them were hired back in 2016! According to the recent article, the head of the Department of Investigations is requesting 13 new hires to try to get a handle on the problem. The previous director asked for those same 13 people this time last year.

Fake Degree Has Small Town Theater Fans Torn

Officials in Morganton, North Carolina were thrilled to hire an accomplished Ph.D. to run their municipal arts program, and the theater has been thriving under Dr. W. Jim Smith’s direction since 2016. But now, a disturbing fact has come to light. The “Doctor” isn’t a doctor at all. In fact, Smith never completed the master’s degree he listed on his resume, and his Ph.D. came from a now-defunct diploma mill. These are not the only lies the director has told the town. He also sent out a press release announcing a prestigious award the local theater had won. Turns out, he made up that award, just like he made up his degrees. While most of you are probably thinking, “That’s a great example of why education verifications are so important,” you might be surprised to hear that some city council members are trying to sweep this under the rug. They say their local theater has never been better, so they really don’t care what title he uses.

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