Preserving the Customer Experience Through Partnerships [Video]

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Preserving the Customer Experience Through Partnerships [Video]

Customer Service is the heart and soul of our work here at EBI. Everything we do is aimed at making sure we give our customers a great product that is easy to use and staffed with knowledgeable, helpful people all along the way. But we can’t do all of that alone! We depend on some amazing partnerships to make the magic happen.

At last year's annual SHRM conference, The Screening News Network was able to catch up with some of the leading talent acquisition providers -- who also happen to be some of our wonderful partners. Here is what they had to say about the importance of building these essential relationships.



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Once upon a time, Human Resources was a relatively straightforward piece of the business world. Find good employees, pay them a fair wage and make sure they understand their benefits. Way back when, an outside vendor may have been used to handle a piece of the process like the accounting or the health insurance. Today, the HR industry is a jungle filled with thousands of companies offering a wide array of technology and services -- all aimed at “simplifying” the process -- but it can go terribly wrong without the right partnerships.

Susan Vitale of iCIMS says,It’s really important for it to be seamless and easy for the applicants, particularly because employers spend so much money trying to get that applicant into the door that the last thing we want to do is to lose that applicant because it’s a friction filled process.”

When you piece together the puzzle, these companies can run your entire program from recruitment through retirement. But in order to do that, you need partners… partners who share your values.

“We try to build as much as we can ourselves, but you can’t build everything, so in some instances, you have to integrate,” says Matt Singer of Jobvite. “So it’s about trying to partner with someone who is committed to that same good candidate experience and make that integration seamless so the candidate is not aware that it is an integration and they feel like they are just using a single source for the entire process.”

These integrations are essential, but it is important to trust your vendors and their partners.

“Accidents really happen at intersections, and in the HR world right now there are a lot of intersections,” says Joel Passen of Newton Software. “There is a lot of diversity of solutions and there is a lot of opportunity for accidents. More and more we are hearing about them and people are frustrated, so that is a hot topic.”

Those accidents include data loss and double keying data, which can lead to inefficiencies for both the applicant and the HR employee.

Passen says, “I always want to know what our partners are doing in terms of first, second and third level support where their escalation points are, and that way I have confidence in that partner that they are going to resolve problems for the customer.”

Preserving the customer experience is Job #1 for EBI and all of our partners.

Adam Bates of PayChex tells us, “Making sure your user is not getting surprised at what comes next, making sure they understand the whole process. Obviously you want to do as much as you can to make it feel like it’s a continuous experience, so that is the goal you are shooting for.”

According to Jeff Osborne, VP I-9 Advantage, “Building an integration through our API and working that right into the background screening workflow -- it just works really well for clients. And that in turn helps us increase our reach to companies we wouldn’t otherwise have talked to.”

If all of this is done well, your brand will be front and center throughout the entire process, the workflows will be seamless and your candidate will find the process easy to navigate. But getting there takes a lot of commitment from everyone involved.

Mike Wilczak of iCIMS says, “That’s really the first step… it’s making sure that a product that another company may be building to has a great home in your product. The other thing that we do is create a lot of developer tool kits so our partners can build those quality integrations to our standards and get validated by iCims. And a third thing we do is we create a marketplace where all those products can be listed and where they are ranked by the quality of the integration.”

Together with our partners, EBI is able to give employers that single, fluid user experience to deliver to their clients.  Recruiting top talent is a sales effort in every sense, so every candidate should be treated like a customer or potential customer.  Delivering the best “customer” experience with our partners is Job #1. 

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