Philanthropy & Fun at EBI!

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Philanthropy & Fun at EBI!


EBI-sales-team-breakfast.jpgLast week, the Sales and Account Management Group at EBI spent the morning slaving over hot burners to provide a gourmet breakfast for the entire Drug Testing Team. Why, you may ask?




This wasn’t out of the goodness of their hearts -- even though we know they have hearts of gold! The Sales Team put themselves up for auction in EBI’s annual silent auction fundraiser.


Every year, employees donate items to auction off. All of the proceeds go into EBI’s Philanthropic Fund to be donated to hard-working non-profits across the country.


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The Drug Testing Team nabbed the one of the best items. Sales came in early to make sure the pancakes, eggs, bacon, non-alcoholic bloody marys and more were ready and waiting.


We are not sure what made the breakfast better… the culinary talent, or seeing Sales working up a sweat in those great hats! 


Word from the Drug Testing Team is that everything was so delicious that they went back for seconds.


The auction raised nearly $2,000. Let the bidding for next year begin!

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