Pet Sitting Company Begins Background Checks

pet-sitterbackIn our crazy, busy world, many pet owners need an extra hand to keep the dogs in their lives happy and healthy.  For that very reason, the pet sitting industry is growing by leaps and bounds. But hiring a pet sitter not only means you are entrusting your precious, four-legged baby to someone else, but you are also opening you home up to a stranger.

That is a scary proposition, and chances are, you have never asked a pet sitter if they have a criminal past.

Pet Sitters International (PSI) has decided to take some of the worry and doubt out of the equation. PSI is a pioneer in the pet sitting field, and helps connect pet owners with qualified professionals in their area. 

It’s similar to several internet based services that help people find childcare, but up until recently, there was one big difference.  Babysitting and nanny locators have long put sitters under a microscope checking for any criminal history. 

Obviously, a parent would see their child’s safety as the top priority.  It makes sense that the same should go for opening your home up to a pet sitter.

Last year, PSI became the first pet sitting service to allow members to complete a background check.  Once they do, a special icon pops up on their listing. The program is voluntary, and it is up to the sitters to get the check done and keep it up to date.

An important note… that background check icon only applies to the primary business owner.  If the company you chose has several employees, it is up to you to check with the owner to learn about any criminal history of the people who might be entering your home when you are not there.

Linda Keeter of Pet Sitters International says, “We take the safety of pet owners who search our registry very seriously.”  She says the program has been well received by both the sitters and the pet owners. “Members tell us the Background Check PASSED icon is definitely a “banner of trust” that pet owners notice when they are deciding who to call… especially new clients.”

PSI negotiated a special rate so the background checks are not out of reach price wise.  The program is groundbreaking in the industry, and Employment Background Investigations (EBI) applauds PSI for understanding the importance of background checks for businesses of all sizes.  Employers and consumers should never underestimate the power of an accurate background check. 

EBI provides a host of background check solutions for large and small companies alike.  Whatever your needs… EBI can help you create the safest workplace possible. 

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