Outdated Courthouse Systems Cost New Hires Their Jobs

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Outdated Courthouse Systems Cost New Hires Their Jobs

stacked-docsWe all know that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, but in the world of background screening, it’s just one antiquated court system that can destroy an applicant’s hopes for landing a job.

Screening companies like EBI depend on researchers who actually go into courthouses all over the country to look up records.  These researchers help us be sure we are finding all the records for your applicants, but they also help us make sure we are finding records on the right person.

Some county courthouses have everything in a sleek, efficient computerized database.  While many counties have upgraded, there are still some like Contra Costa County in California that are behind the curve.  Recent media coverage of this county has made it somewhat of a poster child for jurisdictions that are falling behind the times.

Investigators who visit this court house complain about an ancient system that has no public access to the database records.  Clerks are still required to run each and every name manually.  Thanks to severe budget cuts and understaffing, criminal records searches for pre-employment background checks are taking weeks instead of just hours or days, as in other jurisdictions. 

Anyone who has lived in Contra Costa County at some point might have this jurisdiction searched.  The problems at the county level could cause significant delays in completing the whole criminal background check.  In several cases, people were simply passed over for jobs because their checks took so long to complete.

All of the attention has pushed Contra Costa forward.  Court officials met with background researchers and have already figured out ways to reduce delays significantly.  A searchable online database is in the works.  We are wishing them an easy transition, and hope that the New Year brings progress to this county and many others. 

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