More than a Quarter of Employers Do Not Conduct Background Checks

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More than a Quarter of Employers Do Not Conduct Background Checks

Millions of dollars - maybe even billions - are spent by businesses every year as they try to hire the right people. There are so many variables. Do they have the right experience? The right education? Are they a nice fit with your corporate culture? These questions are easy to ask. But there are more that don’t get as much attention. Is your applicant really who they say they are? Have they committed a crime? Are they telling the truth on their resume?

With all of these huge question marks, it is surprising to learn that a CareerBuilder survey found that more than 1 in every 4 employers do not background check every employee before bringing them on board. According to the survey, 75% of respondents say they have hired the wrong person at some point along the way. Considering that replacing a bad hire can cost several times their annual salary, it is hard for us to understand why 28% of businesses are not willing to make the investment in pre-employment background screening.

While this screening does, of course, include criminal history, there is much more to it. A good background check can tell you if your applicant’s resume is accurate, if they really have the degrees or certifications they claim, if they use illegal drugs, or if they have a safe driving record if you plan to put them behind the wheel.

The survey found that 37% of respondents say their bad hires fell short because the candidates lied about their qualifications. Lost productivity, poor work quality and the cost of replacing a bad hire add up quickly.

The process to protect your business is not that complicated or that costly, but the aggravation pre-employment checks can save you in the long-run is priceless.

How Long a Good Background Check Should Take

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