Legislative Alert - Thursday, September 29th, 2016: Industry Leaders Gather at NAPBS Conference

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  • Back from Sun and Fun with NAPBS in CA
  • Cybersecurity Bill for Small Businesses
  • Congress Pushing Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

Back from Sun and Fun with NAPBS in CA

If you spend any time on our website you will see plenty of references to NAPBS, an abbreviation for the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Twice a year, representatives from the 750 member companies come together to talk about how the background screening industry can make things better for their clients and their applicants. Even when not in a stunning setting like this year in Palm Desert - this gathering is special. Competitors work together to improve all aspects of the screening process. As a group we study ways to help our customers get the information they want and need without running afoul of the ever changing laws that regulate the industry. This is a young industry and association; in fact, EBI is one of the founding members. These competitors are friends, who share one clear goal… to do the most accurate and compliant background screening possible. Keep an eye out for more from the conference over the coming weeks.


Cybersecurity Bill for Small Businesses

Small businesses are huge targets for cyber-thieves because they just don’t have the technology and financial resources to protect themselves. A new bill that calls for more federal assistance against these digital threats recently passed the House. The Improving Small Business Cyber Security Act of 2016 now heads to the Senate. If it passes it will help nearly 1,000 Small Business Development Centers provide education and tools to protect small companies from cyber-threats.  

Congress Pushing Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

If a new bill introduced by Representative Kevin Brady of Texas passes, states will be allowed to drug test unemployment applicants who lost their jobs due to drug use. These tests will not be required, but supporters say making sure workers are not using while collecting unemployment benefits will make sure they are ready to get back into the workforce when a job does come along. Ten states already have laws on the books that allow drug testing for those receiving welfare. In 2012 President Obama signed a law that would allow drug testing for some applicants, but four years have passed and nothing has been implemented.

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