Legislative Alert - Thursday, September 22nd, 2016: Sex Offender Blunder Down Under

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  • Pedophile Causes Dramatic Change in McDonald’s Screening
  • Court Allows Marijuana Discrimination Case to Continue
  • Bomb Threat to Help her Boyfriend

Pedophile Causes Dramatic Change in McDonald’s Screening

The mother of a teen working in a Sydney, Australia McDonald’s tried to get the restaurant chain to do something about an employee who was allegedly abusing her son. She says the chain told her to keep quiet -- so did the police. It wasn’t until a very outspoken Member of Parliament named names during a speech on the floor of their Senate. Senator Derryn Hinch, a former broadcaster who has previously spent time in jail for ignoring court orders and outing child molesters, demanded background checks and a sex offender registry that citizens can access. Sen. Hinch says his office contacted McDonald’s and the company immediately went to work to implement mandatory criminal checks for all job applicants over the age of 18. The system should be in place within the next two months. According to the corporate website, McDonald’s in the states already conduct employment & education verification, social security checks, criminal record reviews, and reference checks.

Court Allows Marijuana Discrimination Case to Continue

A federal judge in California says a former Kohl’s employee can move forward with his wrongful termination suit that alleges he was fired over legal medical marijuana use. Justin Shepherd was given a marijuana recommendation for his acute and chronic anxiety. Soon after, the company updated its drug policy to say that employees in California would not be discriminated against for valid use of the drug under state law. A post-accident drug test showed traces of marijuana after Shepherd got hurt on the job. He was terminated despite the new policy. A judge threw out Kohl’s motion for summary judgement as well as some of Shepherd’s claims under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. However, the judge allowed his claims of breach of an implied contract and defamation to stand, saying a reasonable jury could find that Shepherd was not under the influence on the job and capable of doing his work.

Bomb Threat to Help her Boyfriend

People often go to great lengths to avoid a drug test, but a woman in Winter Haven, Florida went above and beyond. Her boyfriend was due to submit a urine sample to his probation officer. We can only assume that the test was not going to come back clean, because his dedicated girlfriend called in a bomb threat claiming there was a man outside the office that was going to blow the building up! Investigators tracked down the cellphone used to call in the warning and arrested the woman for making a false report about a bomb.

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