Legislative Alert - Thursday, November 3rd, 2016: Sticks & Stones Could Really Hurt

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  • Does Calling Someone a Terrorist Cause Harm?
  • Credit Reporting Agencies Forced to Overhaul Practices
  • Medical Marijuana -- Legal but Not Legal in Ohio
  • Privacy Shield Challenge

Does Calling Someone a Terrorist Cause Harm?

A plaintiff says he lost the apartment he wanted to rent because TransUnion incorrectly claimed his name was found on a terrorist watch list. In a lawsuit, the would-be-renter said he was never given a chance to dispute the “SmartMove Report.” He sued saying TransUnion violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when they gave the incorrect info to the landlord without giving him the chance to set the record straight. TransUnion asked the judge to decertify a proposed class action suit in the issue claiming the class could not prove concrete harm. The California judge disagreed saying it is not hard to see how being wrongly branded a potential terrorist could definitely cause harm.

Credit Reporting Agencies Forced to Overhaul Practices

TransUnion is the subject of yet another story this week, along with fellow credit reporting agencies Equifax and Experian. Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood completed a three year investigation into the agencies and found they were making a tremendous number of mistakes on consumer reports and were also engaging in deceptive marketing. The three agencies will pay a total of $7.175 million to the state. Starting in November, Mississippi residents will be able to get free credit reports for three years, along with a few other benenfits.

Medical Marijuana -- Legal but Not Legal in Ohio

There are a lot of people in the state of Ohio who are very confused about whether they can use medical marijuana or not. Technically, it became legal on September 8th when House Bill 523 took effect. But there is conflicting language in the new law that says physicians can’t start recommending the drug until the rules for how it will be grown and sold are written. Those rules don’t have to be completed until next year! Officials still need to figure out how to license cultivators, processors, testing labs, and dispensaries, as well as how to maintain a patient registry. So in other words… patients who were excited to begin treatment are going to have to wait a while.

Privacy Shield Challenge

An Irish privacy advocacy group is challenging the adoption of Privacy Shield. The agreement that replaced the Safe Harbor framework went into effect in July. On September 16, Digital Rights Ireland filed an action challenging the pact, claiming it doesn’t contain adequate privacy protections. The group wants the agreement annulled, but they will have to wait a while. It will be a year or more before the European Court rules on the case.

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