Legislative Alert - Thursday, August 18th, 2016: Philadelphia Bans Credit Checks for Hiring

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  • Philly Law Says No Credit Check for Hiring
  • Tough Legislation Passed Regarding Ride Shares
  • Broader Background Checks for Schools in Indiana?

Philly Law Says No Credit Check for Hiring

A new ordinance that affects employers is now in effect in Philadelphia. The “Fair Practices Ordinance: Protections Against Unlawful Discrimination” adds a section to the city code that prohibits employers from using credit information to make decisions about employees and job applicants. For most positions, employers cannot use written, oral or any other form of communication about debt, credit worthiness, payment histories, bankruptcies or judgments when making decisions about hiring, firing or promotions. Several jobs are exempt, such as law enforcement, or positions that require access to sensitive financial information, confidential or proprietary information.

Tough Legislation Passed Regarding Ride Shares

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says his state’s new law is the strongest regulatory framework in the country when it comes to ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft. Drivers will now be required to submit to a two-step background check which adds a state criminal database check to the companies’ current procedures. Driver information will have to be submitted to a new division in the Department of Public Utilities for review. If the driver is deemed qualified, they will get the certificate they need to work as a driver. Each ride-share rider will be charged a 20 cent fee, some of which will go to help the taxi industry catch up on technology.

Broader Background Checks for Schools in Indiana?

More than 70,000 state-licensed public school teachers in Indiana already undergo a pretty strict background screening process with rechecks required every five years. But there are a lot of non-teaching staff like coaches, administration and even volunteers who have access to the kids without having to go through the same safety review. In addition, under state law, charter and private schools can hire people to work in the classroom without knowing if they were ever convicted of a crime. There have been several high-profile incidents of molestation in the state recently. State Representative Robert Behning, R-Indianapolis, says he is working to get a new law passed during the 2017 General Assembly to make sure all of these previously unscreened adults get the same rigorous treatment as the teachers. A committee is working on several recommendations for the legislature to consider next year.


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