Legislative Alert Thursday April 14th: Whoopi Launches Line of Pot-Infused Products

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Legislative Alert Thursday April 14th: Whoopi Launches Line of Pot-Infused Products

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  • Dave and Buster's Suit Dismissed
  • IRS Still at High Risk for Security Breaches
  • I-9 Expired but not Revised
  • Whoopi! Marijuana Made Just for Women!



Dave and Buster’s Suit Dismissed

The class action lawsuit accusing entertainment giant Dave and Buster’s of not telling employees about background check results before making employment decisions has been dismissed. Both sides agreed to the dismissal, and U.S. District Judge Roy B. Dalton signed off on it. An attorney for D&B’s says the company completely complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and that there was no merit to the case. They also said the named plaintiff, Joseph Alvarez, lacked standing to bring the suit because the company never used a consumer report to make decisions that affected his employment.

IRS Still at High Risk for Security Breaches

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report on cybersecurity at the IRS. While some improvements have been made, the auditors found there are still some serious lapses that allow hackers to break into the system. The GAO found that several key systems had passwords that were easy to guess, and that many employees were granted more access to sensitive data than their jobs required. These, along with other weaknesses, mirror the problems that allowed the massive hack of the Office of Personnel Management. The IRS now has a list of 45 unresolved issues they need to address to secure the system. The IRS Commissioner is still reviewing the GOA’s suggestions.

I-9 Expired but not Revised

If you take a look at your Form I-9s you will see they are now officially expired... but don’t toss them just yet! On March 30th -- the day before the forms expired -- the USCIS published proposed changes to the form, which included embedded instructions for completing each field, validations to make sure information is entered correctly, and additional spaces for multiple preparers and translators. There are also proposed changes pertaining to what last name to use and how aliens authorized to work provide their passport information. Now, the public has 30 days -- until April 27th -- to comment on the proposed changes. That means, for now, keep using the old forms regardless of the expiration date.

Whoopi! Marijuana Made Just for Women!

Whoopi Goldberg is launching a line of medical marijuana products designed specifically for women. The Whoopi & Maya line will consist of marijuana-infused products like skin balm, bath soaks and sipping chocolate all intended to ease “that time of the month.” Whoopi isn’t the first celebrity to go into the pot biz. Bob Marley’s family and Snoop Dog already have product lines out there… but we are pretty sure the target market is not the same!

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