Legislative Alert: Pot Sales Soar | Social Suit | No Taxi Checks [Video]

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Legislative Alert: Pot Sales Soar | Social Suit | No Taxi Checks [Video]

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  • Pot Tops Booze in Colorado
  • Social Media Policy Causes Lawsuit
  • Wisconsin Might End Background Checks for Taxi Drivers
  • More Ban the Box



Pot Tops Booze in Colorado

Governments across the country are keeping a close eye on places like Colorado to see the financial results of marijuana legislation. Numbers for 2017 are in and they are pretty noteworthy. In the tourist destination of Aspen alone, marijuana sales have surpassed alcohol sales for the first time since recreational use of the drug was legalized 3 years ago. In 2017, legal pot sales brought in $11.3 million while liquor stores only made $10.5 million. It took just 8 months for marijuana sales to pass the $1 billion mark across the whole state. That means more than $162 million in taxes and fees going into the state coffers.


Social Media Policy Causes Lawsuit

A complaint has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against the Washington Post over its updated social media policy. The policy, which was changed in May 2017, prohibits online conduct that “adversely affects The Post’s customers, advertisers, subscribers, vendors, supplies or partners.” The issue is not with the actual policy. The complaint was filed because management failed to negotiate with the union before making the change. The paper has until March 14th to answer the complaint.


Wisconsin Might End Background Checks for Taxi Drivers

Wisconsin lawmakers are considering legislation that would prevent local governments from regulating taxi drivers. The change would remove the requirement that all drivers have to have background checks. The proposal is an effort to level the playing field between those driving cabs and those working for Uber and Lyft. In 2015, the state barred any local regulations of these ridesharing services, but kept rules in place for taxis. If the new legislation passes, the decisions about whether or not to conduct background checks would be up to each company. Some taxi services say they will continue to conduct background checks and drug tests regardless of what the law requires because it’s just good business to protect their customers.


More Ban the Box

Kansas City, Missouri has enacted a ban the box ordinance that prohibits private employers from asking about an applicant’s criminal history until after they determine the individual is otherwise qualified to do the job. The ordinance applies to employers with 6 employees or more. These employers are also banned from turning an applicant down because of their criminal history unless they can show how the indiscretion would affect their ability to do the job. The new ordinance goes into effect on June 9th.


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