Legislative Alert: Pot on the NYSE | GDPR Lawsuits | Philly Salary Ban | Opioids in Seafood [Video]

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Legislative Alert: Pot on the NYSE | GDPR Lawsuits | Philly Salary Ban | Opioids in Seafood [Video]

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  • Pot Hits the Stock Exchange
  • GDPR Failures Could Cost Companies Billions
  • Salary Ban Partially Shot Down
  • Opioids Found in Seafood




Pot Hits the Stock Exchange

Canada is expected to legalize cannabis by the end of summer, but in the meantime, its largest cannabis company is now on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Canopy Growth Corporation is the first marijuana producer accepted onto the NYSE. Earlier this year, another Canadian company was allowed to start trading on the NASDAQ. Even through marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, it is completely legal for Americans to own cannabis stocks. In fact, the CEO of the Cronos Group says the majority of their investors are American.


GDPR Failures Could Cost Companies Billions

Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) went into effect on May 25th, and within the first 24 hours, Facebook and Google racked up nearly $9 billion in lawsuits for allegedly failing to comply with it. The suits were filed by pro-privacy advocate Max Schrems. He is an Austrian lawyer who has been after these big companies for their use of private data for years. Schrems says Facebook, in particular, is not living up to the agreement because users are forced to share personal data in order to use the platform. Both Google and Facebook deny they have violated the GDPR in any way.

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Salary Ban Partially Shot Down

A Philadelphia federal judge is forcing a change to the city’s salary history ban. As written, the law punishes employers for asking about an applicant’s salary history and using that information to decide how much to pay. The judge struck down the first part, so employers can ask how much you made at your previous job – but they can’t rely on that info to decide their future salary. The tough part will be proving you didn’t decide compensation based on their old job, so some attorneys are suggesting employers in Philly stay away from the question altogether.


Opioids Found in Seafood

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the nation’s opioid crisis. Now there is a new discovery that shows just how much these drugs are affecting the nation – and not just the people taking them for pain. Biologists with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife say they have discovered that mussels pulled out of Puget Sound are contaminated with Oxycodone and many other pharmaceuticals. The biologists say they also found antibiotics, antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs and heart medications in the shellfish. The levels of contamination is low – they say you would have to eat 150 pounds of mussels to have any adverse effects – but scientists are still not happy with the discovery.

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