Legislative Alert – Does FTC want to police background checks?

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Legislative Alert – Does FTC want to police background checks?

Screening News Update – November 19th, 2014



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Chinese Spies Hacking US Computers?

Investigators believe the Chinese government might be responsible for hacking the U.S. Postal Service computers. The FBI is leading the investigation into the hack that compromised the personal data of more than 800,000 postal employees and any customer who contacted the Postal Service Customer Care Center either by phone or email between January 1 and August 16 of this year.

Officials say whomever hacked the USPS didn’t seem interested in identity theft or even credit card fraud… in fact, no customer credit card info was breached.

Analysts believe this was all about spying.

China has consistently denied these accusations, but has been tied to other recent high profile intrusions of computers belonging to a government contractor and the Office of Personnel Management.


Background Checks for Maryland Doctors

The Maryland medical licensing board wants all doctors in the state to undergo criminal background checks. The state Board of Physicians has drafted legislation that would require fingerprinting and a background check for all new license applicants. Doctors would also have to be screened every other year to renew their licenses.

According to the board, once doctors are in the system, any new criminal activity would automatically trigger an alert.

Maryland is one of only 13 states that doesn’t require background checks on physicians.

The measure is expected to pass easily next year, since the state already requires such screening of other medical personnel including nurses, therapists and chiropractors.


Another Reason to Review your FCRA Compliance

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a new brochure called “Tips for Job Applicants and Employees.” It is a continuation of a brochure released at the beginning of the year called “Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know.”

The guides spell out people’s rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when an employer wants to do a background check.

Legal experts say these brochures show that the FTC is very interested in policing employer background checks. They say it’s not a bad idea for employers to read through the guides and review their background check policies to make sure they are in complete compliance.

Click here to read "Background Checks: Tips for Job Applicants and Employees"

Click here to read  here  "Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know"


Diploma Mills: A High Cost to US Tax Payers and National Security

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