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  • Governor Asks President to Protect Medical Marijuana
  • Nevada Doctors Take on New Role Fighting Opioids
  • California Adds Hundreds of New Laws




Governor Asks President to Protect Medical Marijuana

Last week’s announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he was ending Obama-era policies regarding marijuana prosecutions sent a shockwave through the fledgling industry. Now, the governor of Louisiana is directly asking President Trump to protect patients who depend on the drug. Governor John Bel Edwards sent a letter to the White House asking that medical marijuana be shielded from federal prosecutors in the states that have legalized the drug. Louisiana’s medical marijuana program is just getting off the ground. While there is no word from the president, the US Attorney for Louisiana’s Middle District issued a statement saying he doesn’t anticipate any significant change since the cases handled by his office typically involve violence, individuals with long criminal histories and large-scale, unregulated trafficking.


Nevada Doctors Take on New Role Fighting Opioids

A new Nevada law puts doctors and dentists on the frontline in the war against opioid abuse. It also puts their licenses on the line. The new law requires initial prescriptions for the pain killers to be limited to two weeks and doctors must perform a risk assessment on each patient. If more medication is warranted, the doctor is required to have the patient sign an agreement to consent to random drug testing. After three months the doctors must have a diagnosis for what is causing the patient’s pain in order to continue prescribing the drug. If they don’t comply, they could lose their license to practice. Violations of the law are vague and physicians are already complaining they are losing their patients’ trust by being put in this enforcement role.


California Adds Hundreds of New Laws

The state of California added 859 new laws to its books in 2017, and many of them affect employers. Among the most notable, those with five employees or more may not ask about criminal history on job applications, and all employers are now banned from asking job applicants about their previous salary. Another law expands mandatory sexual harassment prevention training, and the Immigrant Worker Protection Act bans ICE agents from entering a workplace without a warrant.

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