Legislative Alert: Major ICE Raid | Pre-Food Stamp Drug Tests | Guns and Marijuana in Ohio [Video]

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  • McDonald’s Bun Maker Raided by ICE
  • Wisconsin to Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients
  • Ohio Follows Hawaii’s Lead Concerning Guns & Marijuana
  • Convicted Dealer Involved in Ohio’s Legal Trade



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McDonald’s Bun Maker Raided by ICE

Cloverhill, a Swiss owned, Chicago based bakery that supplies hamburger buns for McDonald’s, was devastated by an ICE raid earlier this year. During the summer, the raid pulled 800 undocumented workers off the factory floor – that’s more than a third of the company’s workforce. According to the company, the workers were supplied by a staffing agency. That staffing agency reportedly faced federal audits earlier this year. According to the bakery’s parent company’s annual report, the effects of the raid cost them more than $21 million. The company’s CEO says rebuilding has been like building and staffing a whole new factory. The change in workforce has also caused higher employment costs that he says will be passed on to consumers.


Wisconsin to Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says he plans to move ahead with plans to drug test some food stamp recipients even though the plan conflicts with federal law. Walker’s administration got approval from the state legislature two years ago to test childless, able-bodied adults who apply for food stamps. Other states have tried similar plans, but they were found to be unconstitutional.  Walker says he is still waiting to hear from the administration to see if the drug screening plan is permissible, but he plans to move forward regardless. Those who fail the drug test would be eligible for state-funded rehabilitation.


Ohio Follows Hawaii’s Lead Concerning Guns & Marijuana

Last week we told you that medical marijuana users in Hawaii were told they could no longer legally own firearms. Now, Ohio is following suit. People who register with the state to legally use the drug when the program goes live in September, will be told they cannot own firearms or ammunition. Anyone applying to buy a gun will have to sign a form swearing they are not an “unlawful user of the drug.” While medical marijuana will be legal in the state, the form from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms refers to federal law.


Convicted Dealer Involved in Ohio’s Legal Trade

Ohio’s medical marijuana program is in the news this week for yet another reason. Turns out that one of the people hired to review applications and decide which growers would get the coveted licenses was a convicted drug dealer! In 2005 Treavor Bozeman pleaded guilty to possession with intent to manufacture or distribute a controlled substance in neighboring Pennsylvania. In 2017, Ohio paid him $150,000 to review applications for medical marijuana growers. The Ohio Department of Commerce says Bozeman was a consultant who met the standards of his contract, but they would not say if a background check was ever conducted. The company that revealed the conviction was turned down for a license. Now CannAscend’s founders say they plan to appeal the decision and sue the state. They are also working on getting an initiative to legalize marijuana across the board onto the ballot in 2018.


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