Legislative Alert - Friday, June 24th, 2016: Ride Shares Have Friends in High Places

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Legislative Alert - Friday, June 24th, 2016: Ride Shares Have Friends in High Places


Screening News

  • Former Attorney General Backs Ride-Shares 
  • Uber Settles Background Screening Lawsuit
  • Federal Reserve Hacked!
  • Colorado Affirmation Repealed
  • One More Ban the Box



Former Attorney General Backs Ride-Shares

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder sent letters to officials in Atlanta, Chicago and New Jersey hoping to convince them that companies like Uber and Lyft should leave the FBI Fingerprint Database alone. All three are considering legislation that would require a fingerprint based check for ride-share drivers, but Holder says this is not what the system was created to do.

Holder, whose current law firm represents Uber, says the database was created to aid law enforcement during investigations- not to determine if someone should be eligible for a job. He also points out that the database includes arrest information but doesn’t show if someone was ever actually convicted of a crime. According to the former AG, this deficiency has the potential to hurt black and Hispanic men because statistically they have a higher likelihood of being arrested when they are young.

Uber Settles Background Screening Lawsuit

In yet another Uber story, the ride-sharing giant has agreed to settle a lawsuit that accused the company of firing drivers over information found through unauthorized background searches.  The suit was filed in San Francisco by two drivers who say the company obtained consumer background checks on them without getting proper authorization. If approved by the judge, Uber will pay $7.5 million to settle.

Federal Reserve Hacked!

A report from www.thehill.com reveals that the Federal Reserve faced a multitude of cybersecurity breaches between 2011 and 2015. The Fed’s cybersecurity team logged 310 incident reports. About a third were classified as hacking attempts. Out of those events, information was actually disclosed in 51 incidents. Four incidents in 2012 were specifically classified as espionage.  The Fed will not say who hacked the system or if any money or sensitive information were stolen.

Colorado Affirmation Repealed

Colorado employers now have one less form to worry about while onboarding new employees. For years they have been required to fill out not only the federal Employment Eligibility Verification form -- or Form I-9 -- but ALSO a Colorado form that essentially does the exact same thing. As of August 10, 2016 this redundant step will no longer be required. Governor John Hickenlooper signed House Bill 16-1114 into law on June 8th. But just a warning- those Colorado forms MUST be filled out for every hire BEFORE August 10th.

One more Ban the Box

Broward County, Florida has joined the Ban the Box movement. The County Commission voted unanimously to remove the criminal history box from all government employment applications. Applicants may be asked about past criminal records once they are among a pool of potential finalists for a job. Certain jobs at the airport, seaport and those working with vulnerable populations are not included in the ban.


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